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Sign of a fine romance?

I thought I was pretty hip and still somewhat aware of what is going on around the “cool scene” these days but apparently not.  I was walking through a local grocery store last night looking for a bag of potatoes or a new cheese slicer for Emily’s Valentine’s Day present when I walked past a sign.  I cruised right on by until my brain finally registered what my eyes saw.  Do you ever have that double take thing going on in your head?  So I circled back around and decided that this blog, ever a bastion of freedom, culture and honeybees, needed to report on the new face of romance for this year.


Now this is a G-rated blog so I won’t say too much more.  Instead I will leave it to you folks to make of this what you will.  Instead, I will just remind you of some of the other interesting signs I have seen around.

I would also like to report that we will no longer have to just cut the cheese around our house…we can now slice the cheese!  Happy Valentine’s Day!