I was in Las Vegas all week last week for a conference related to work.  It’s funny – I work in technology and the conference was related to technology.  The only thing was, there was no technology available at the conference so I was stuck with email and internet via phone.  So, anyhow, I am back and am somewhat comforted by the sweet hum of my computers.

I won’t bore you folks with conference details.  Instead I will share my favorite part of the conference…Carlos Santana was in concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.  We got to see him opening night which was pretty cool.  Even cooler was the fact that we were something like 15 rows back and at center stage.  We could actually see the band and stuff.

I like Santana’s music and I especially like some of his most recent stuff.  Of course, he has been releasing great music for 40 years and it’s hard to say anything bad about most of his music.  We got to enjoy a tour through his years as a performer and it was a blast.

(click the image above for a video.  If that link doesn’t work on your machine, try the one here)

He’s a free spirit and kind of fun to listen to when he talks.  I can’t really explain it but he feels very “spiritual” in his own way.  He also has marijuana leaves as one of his backgrounds on stage.  Surprisingly, I didn’t smell a single bit of smoke.

for B.H.


The view from my room

So, I am glad to be back from Las Vegas and if you ever get a chance, definitely go and see Santana in concert!

4 thoughts on “Santana

  1. So you and Carlos were rockin’ huh! Did you change your evil ways?
    Did you find the black magic woman or were you told she’s not there. Or did you just run through the streets shouting Oye Como Va?
    Oops I forgot, you were in Vegas and what happens in …….

  2. That is funny that they didn’t have any technology there! Makes me feel kind of high tech living in the back woods of WV with my internet connection! lol

  3. I like Santana!
    Butch might say he could have been quoted on occasion “when I come home, Baby, the house is dark and my pots are cold” HA!!!
    You seem to go to Vegas a lot. Hmmmm…..

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