Happy Mother’s Day…I’m early

I am feeling really great about Mother’s Day. I am 355 days early and here I am already wishing my Mom a Happy Mother’s day! I mean, how many mothers could ask for a better son?!

I thought it might be fun to show some old pics of my mom and tell a few stories…

My Mom grew up above a gas station that my grandparents owned in the same town in which I grew up. She knows everyone in town and has for a long time. She graduated from the local high school (one of two in the county) a really really long time ago.

After school, she went off to school, married my Dad, moved to Washington, DC, birthed me and moved back to Tionesta. I am sure I am glossing over a few details there but the part where she had me was the important part anyhow.

So, Mom and Dad moved back to a small town to raise me and so I was raised. We lived close to all sorts of family, some of whom we even liked! I am very thankful to have been raised “back home” and by the parents who claim to have made me (though sometimes I wonder).

It’s funny how growing up makes a person appreciate their parents more.  I am sure you have all noticed the same thing. Anyhow, I think one of my favorite adult experiences with my Mom was in 2005 when we went to the beach as a family for the first time.  In all her many, many years, my Mom had never seen the ocean. We happened to arrive together and my Mom sprinted for the shore and jumped right in, clothes and all! It was glorious!

Anyhow, Thanks Mom and Dad for having me and for getting so much smarter as you’ve aged. Happy Mother’s day…early!

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…I’m early

  1. Awwww…what a precious son you are.
    Evidently they stil haven’t told you someone dropped you off on their doorstep and they took pity on you and kept you.

  2. The first trip to the beach with your mom is one of my favorite memories also. She is so fun loving and is a GREAT grandma to the kids. I can’t wait to go to the beach with her again this year (and let her have her Mother’s Day present early too!)

  3. Thanks son in advance. Where’s my gift for this year if the one I’m to get is for next year. Really one of my best memories was that trip to the ocean. That was my first family vacation and we had a wonderful time. I’m really looking forward to another great one this year. And oh yes I have some embarrassing pictures of you too. I’ll have to post them.

  4. Hey, my birthday is April 22 and Mother’s Day follows right along, so I just keep partying because I know some other holiday is right around the corner!

    Your mom is a beauty!

  5. I am not quite ready for the whole family vacation. My mom has mentioned it to me but I don’t think we would all get along. I would not be able to relax.

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