A note from the teacher

Abigail brought a note home from her teacher on Friday. Her teacher wants to talk about Abigail’s behavior and performance in the classroom. I was so excited! I am certain that she is such an example to the other children that the teacher can’t wait to commend us on our parenting and ask us how she can train the other children to be such shining examples and model students!

I mean, with a face like that, who could doubt that she is anything but an angel in class?

Just in case that is not what the teacher has in mind, I suppose I will approach the situation with a humble demeanor. Abigail’s mom, (my first wife, Emily) was a gem in school and seemed to be in constant trouble. Actually, she was mostly good in school but was awful at home. Apparently, she told her parents that she could only be good so long, and they could decide when she would be good…at home or at school.

Anyhow, we are planning to attend the conference with Abigail’s teacher (tomorrow at 6:30 am) to see just what exactly is going on and to offer our services as parenting coaches

4 thoughts on “A note from the teacher

  1. I hope the meeting goes well.

    I had to meet with Lily’s teachers because she was falling behind the other students. I was certainly apprehensive when I showed up and I was out numbered 3-1. Ended up she didn’t know all of her letters and letter sounds. I was thinking well, that’s what school is for right? Apparently they should already know this stuff. So they took her out of class for extra instruction and encouraged me to work with her at home. Good news is that she progressed and she is up to speed with the other students now.

    They did give me some crap about her being an only child. I’ll probably have to deal with that from now on unless we have another one which is doubtful.

  2. Evidently Abigail’s problem is that she is not good at home OR at school! At least I was kind enough to offer my parents a choice!

  3. It was a great meeting. Abigail’s teacher is a great one and she wants the best for her kids. We have some stuff to work on and giving a unified front at home and school will be good!

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