We aim to catch one

We made a leprechaun trap to leave out for our Irish sprites last night.  You know…we have all sorts of gold laying around here and Abigail was concerned that our loot might get ransacked if we don’t protect it!  It was either the gold or else the fact that the best bait for a leprechaun is shamrock sugar cookies with extra green icing.

Abigail knows that leprechauns are quick and smart and tiny.  They also like shiny stuff and are pretty wary of people.  Apparently they are often full of whiskey too (I might have added that part…sorry to my Irish friends).  We worked hard to keep our construction secret and whispered our plans,  and I finished off all of the Irish whiskey we had laying around as we made her trap.

So, we baked around 25 dozen of the leprechaun bait cookies and set our trap.  I might have eaten a few of the cookies but there were at least 3 cookies left for inside the trap.  We placed it carefully in her room hoping to nab one of the leprechauns.  We know they live around here as they seem to steal socks and Emily’s car keys on a fairly regular basis.  They also nab her sanity now and then too…but that’s another story.

Anyhow, I’ll be darned if that little rascal didn’t take a bite from one of the cookies as if to snub his nose at us.  He made a real mess of Abigail’s bedroom, apparently looking for the gold.  She was so surprised at the mess in her room this morning and ran right away to check her trap.  Apparently we weren’t crafty enough though as there were no leprechauns in our trap!

13 thoughts on “We aim to catch one

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!

    Btw, we have an egg dropping experiment to do for Lily. We will ‘build’ some sort of space craft and they will launch it off of the top of the school building. I am thinking of using some non-newtonian fluid in our craft to help with the landing. I saw someone on youtube drop an egg 22 feet without breaking it.

  2. Awww…you guys are awesome parents. I love that pic of Abigail, too cute! Btw, as one of your Irish friends, I just wondered if you have any whiskey left? You know, just curious… 😉

    farm mom’s last blog post..Can you Dance?

  3. ‘Tis true that the “wee folk” are known to be tricksters and very addept at evading traps. But I ken tha’ twas not a leprechaun, but ol’ John Barleycorn up to his mischief again!

  4. Oh you are bad in the best of possible ways! Abagail’s photo of being sulled up like a bull frog is priceless! It just might come in handy when she is sixteen…

  5. Loretta – oobleck makes sense…it would get hard on impact and if the egg was engulfed, would not be able to break.

    farm mom – thanks…and you know…that dang leprechaun must have finished every last sip

    YD & Tipper – thanks and same to you!

    Freckles – that’s exactly what Abigail said!

    Kris – sorry none left! doggone leprechaun!

    ETW – sorry…maybe you need some whiskey?

    Granny sue – I like your way of thinking!

    Lynnie – I was terrified that I would…I mean the leprechaun would wake her…but she slept on through!

    GW – did he visit your place too?

    Fairsted – it turns out she has the flu too…but she was truly a little disturbed that the leprechaun had hit her room…and more importantly, not her brother’s room!

  6. Funny, we have been doing that for the last few years. I think I saw in Family Fun magazine initially. Well this year the silly Leprechaun forget to get some treats. That could be a post on its own but anyhow Mom set a trap while they were at school and we did not catch him either but he did leave a few treats behind. Silly Leprecaun!!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Independence Days Challenge – Week 15

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