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Last weekend I visited my hometown and I decided we needed to check out where I went to school as a kid.  I knew the kids would be delighted to see all the places from my history.  Uh…yeah, right.  But I made them endure anyhow and they played along somewhat.  Anyhow, here is a little trip down my memory lane.  I hope you pay attention at least as much as much as my kids did!

(this ain’t it!)

So…I was always an exceptional child.  I started kindergarten far too early…you know, at age 5…but I didn’t cry.  I rode an old bus for half an hour to Endeavor, PA where I attended the afternoon kindergarten.  Back then, kinddergarten was only half a day and we always took naps…but I never cried…remember that!  Anyhow, there were two elementary schools in Tionesta when I started but all kindergarteners went to Hickory Elementary.  I went there through 3rd grade when they closed the school and sent us all to Tionesta Elementary.  

(this is it!  YIKES!)

The old Hickory school was heated by coal so we were always covered in soot.  My second grade teacher used to call us her “soot babies”.  It was filthy and cold but was also very old and very cool.  I have no idea when the school was built and could find no information on it, but the steps were well worn from all of the foot traffic.  The place had a smell all its own.  Not necessarily a bad smell…but a smell that is locke din my head and associated with the school.  Anyhow, Hickory school was an interesting place.  It was 2 stories tall plus a basement and had 12 foot (?) ceilings so was enormous and fairly imposing…when I first arrived, I had not seen any horror movies, but I instantly knew what horror movies were made of.  We were never allowed to run behind the school for some reason.  I was never tempted though as I knew I surely  would be devoured by whatever it was that lived under the school and made that unusual smell.  But still, it was a great place and I associate much of my time there with fond memories.

 I drove by this weekend and took this picture…it’s a shame how the old place has fallen apart.  I couldn’t find any pictures of the school when I was there so you’ll have to imagine this place in good shape…and how it looked to a 5 year old with an active imagination.

15 thoughts on “Old school

  1. What cool buildings. And you really didn’t grow up all that far from where Todd grew up – how strange is that???

    Kris Bair’s last blog post..Warm

  2. It does look spooky!
    Is it made of wood or painted brick? Hard to tell from the pic.
    Is it abandoned now or being used for something else?

    Oh, I’m glad to know that you were always a brave little man and never ever cried… ever!!

    Caprilis’s last blog post..Way Back When-sday

  3. Someone took a match to my old elementary school. At least yours is still standing.

  4. ok…you went there through fifth grade. I remember this vividly because I was made to go there half the year in fifth grade(with Mr. Hilton)and I did cry. I remember the famous turkey bowl which was held in the front lawn and everyone came in covered in mud. At Christmas time we put spray snow on the windows in our classroom and after that we moved back to Tionesta. For years you could still see the snow on the windows and there is still remnants of it in the upper left hand side of the building. Fifth grade ended up being my favorite year ever. I also remember sitting next to Warren part of the year and having a tiny crush on him. Bet you didn’t know that, Chip?

  5. freckles – I wish I knew more history about the building…I could not ind anything online…but I will keep on looking…it was an amazing place!

    Kris – I would love to know where he is from…I lived there all my childhood and love the area

    caprilis – wood…in serious need o f paint. when we were there, it was kept up…a trucking guy bought it to store junk and has let it completely fall apart…it’s a shame

    Deb – we go up there quite abit so they are getting to see it all…they do like it…in chunks!

    YD & Lynnie – I KNOW!

    Capri Kel – kindergarten is so hard core now…my daughter is doing all sorts of crazy stuff..no time for naps!

    Chiot’s run – it sure was!

    farm mom – I never thought of that! Genius!

    loretta – I can’t believe this place hasn’t attracted some pyro yet..it would be quite a blaze!

    Kim – I keep on telling them…we’ll see if they get it all down for my biography!

    Kristen – I guess you are right…though I though we went to St Anthony’s in 3rd grade while they moved us to Tionesta…maybe that was some other reason because I am sure you are right about turkey bowl…I loved 5th grade too…best year ever…you know what Kristen…I had a crush on you all through then too…probably longer than yours!

  6. You went to third grade at the church because the heating system failed and they had to repair it.

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