Destination Unknown

Plane contrails

I remember my Grandpa (who was born in 1914) talking about the first time he saw a car and a plane overhead. He had (and still has) all sorts of great stories of life in the early 1900s. It was such a different world compared to the one we live in now. I know that he wondered where life would take him when he was younger. He no doubt had some dreams of things to come. I am sure he had no idea that there would ever be contrails from so many jets crossing the sky overhead. He had no idea that the world population would grow from under 2 billion in 1920 to over 6 billion now and that food would be scarce in many places and maybe even here in the near future. I wonder how life will change in the coming years for my family and beyond. I cannot imagine how life will be. With global warming and the economic crisis, will life become more technologically advanced or will we revert to a more simple life?  Will we come out of it and just keep on doing what we are doing now?  In some ways, I get a bit panicky when I think about what is coming, but then I think of all that my Grandpa has experienced.  He survived.  He is generally happy and well-adjusted.  He has some great memories of times long ago.  We’ll be alright whatever comes.  I can’t imagine the stories I will have to tell!

9 thoughts on “Destination Unknown

  1. Great post – and a great reminder that what ever happens, we will come through it. Some days, I want the simpler life, and others – I LOVE my cell phones.

  2. It is very hard not to get a little scared lately, isn’t it. I think I worry more for my children than myself. I hope you’re right warren, and we all make it through it….whatever may come.

  3. That post just made me have I think a hundred different thoughts! Just two quick ones: Sometimes I can just completely envision how nice it will be to look back with the perspective of old age and calmly reassure the next generation. Also, I just hope I get to have such a long life that such a thing is possible.

  4. Grandpa said yesterday oh yes your name is Lynn last name olium. Lynn-olium. Still hasn’t lost his sense of humor. He can still catch me off guard.

  5. I’m sure we can’t just keep on the way we are going now. Who knows what we may face in the near future, I just hope we are ready for the worst.


  6. Bob-most of my family still live in NW PA. My brother and I are basically the only ones who left. Schooling took us away initially and jobs have kept us away since. Anyhow, my Grandpa has lived within 50 miles of where he is right now all of his life.

  7. I get panicky sometimes too thinking of the future. Less so now that the move is happening soon and I will be in a place where we can grow most of our food.

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