More green

Green Cayennes

Well, yesterday’s post was about bad green. Actually, green is my favorite color and there are tons of green things that I have snapped pics of this summer. These greens are much better than Soylent green.
Green bug on black locust

Humans have three types of color receptors in the eye.  Basically, they are for sensing red, green, and blue.  In general, humans are most sensitive to greenish wavelengths.  I suppose that is why greens seem so vivid (or is it just me?).  I used to do some physiological research on various critters, among them, zebrafish.  Zebrafish have four sensor types and are most sensitive to UV.  I wonder what their favorite color is…
Green zucchini pickles

I guess I am sort of glad, but also bummed that a camera just rarely seems to capture colors as vividly as they are in real life.  I guess that’s one of the things that makes the moment so special.
Green sunflower
Green Hillside

This hillside is outside my office and has been very interesting to watch evolve in color through the summer.  Right now, there are plants that are turning bright red and goldenrod has also really cropped up.  Green dominates but the hillside is alive with color!

My favorite green!

This is my favorite green…I am trying to avoid caffeine and drink more water and milk so it’s rare that I get to enjoy any of this nectar…so sad…

3 thoughts on “More green

  1. Hey Warren!!!
    I finally got around to saying howdy… and I had to hoot at this post- I’m sitting here at the computer drinking a Mountain Dew from a can! YUMMO
    I too have been trying to cut down on the caffiene, but sometimes I feel a headache coming on and have to get my fix. (tee hee)
    I love your blog! My Dad has kept bees since I can remember… he had talked of letting me have his hive since he no longer feels like taking care of them, but sadly, he lost his hive this spring. I may still start my own sometime.
    By the way- did you make those pickles? I LOVE homemade pickles. I made zuchinni pickles this year (first time) and they were wonderful!!
    Well, I’ll shut up for now… I’ll be back for a longer visit so I can go back and read some of your older posts.
    Come and visit me anytime!

  2. I like Mountain Dew, it’s one of my favorite sodas, first one is Root Beer.

    I have been cutting down on my caffiene intake. I used to have such a bad headache if I don’t drink coffee for the day. But now I have cut it down to only 1 cup of coffee per day and it seems to work. I don’t get headache anymore if I don’t drink any caffiene for the day.

  3. I go through this cycle of stopping all caffeine for awhile. I always seem to get back on it though. I really hate the headaches from getting off so 1.) I don’t know why I even try or 2.)I don’t know why I ever get back on

    Anyhow, we’ll see how this run at it goes.

    FC Paula – We did make the pickles. We’ve made a ton of them actually. We eat them like crazy!

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