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Not thinking concretely

It was pretty nice this weekend so I decided I needed to go up to the place and do something involving concrete and me in the sunshine.  It has been wet and all that and there is plenty of exposed mud so I knew it might be interesting up there.  Still, I was so excited to be getting some time outside that I poorly planned my todo list.  I hustled out to the lumber store and bought 15 bags of concrete.  I was all prepared to pour the remaining piers we need to have in place before we build the decks.  I crashed through mud puddles and pulled into the hay field.  It was then that it occurred to me that I had not brought rebar, the generator, the angle grinder or sonotubes to form up the piers.  I did however, have 15 bags of mud-puddle-soaked concrete that would not make the trip back home.  I guess I was excited and not fully thinking things through…

Building a stem wall under the house

Plans changed but I was still in the sun so it was all good.  I did pour the 15 bags into an area near the foundation that needed concrete anyhow.  I also finished the wall framing under the house and was able to shovel a lot of the dirt back up against the concrete blocks of the foundation.

Building a stem wall under the house

Progress seems slow lately but this add-on foundation may finally be coming to a close (thank the manufacturer!)  so we can build the decks, get electric connected and finally hook up the porcelain alter so Abigail will stop complaining about her time with Mother Nature!  I may not always think straight, but Abigail makes it very clear to me her position…and her thoughts on that subject are very concrete!