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Some bugs and stuff

Not much been going on around here lately.  We are mostly laying low, trying not to get anyone hurt.  School starts in a week and we sort of just want to make it to that point without any more drama…so, I took a few pics of stuff I have seen around lately…

Bumblebees on coneflower Bumblebees on coneflower


I love both bumblebees and coneflowers.  This is a perfect picture I think!  I like to sort of trick bumblebees to land on my hand and walk on me.  Honeybees do it naturally but you sort of have to trick bumblebees.  It’s a cool feeling!

Huge spider

I was cleaning out a shed and this big spider was hanging around.  I think he wanted to eat my leg but I left him alone and he wandered off to eat someone else I guess.  Impressive though!

Robber fly

We installed new motion lights on the house and this pesky robberfly would not leave me alone.  There is a variety of robber fly that eats bees, called a beekiller.  I used to have an observation hive and one of this guy’s cousins hung out near the pipe that lead from the hive in my house to the outside.  He picked off bees all day long.  I never could catch him with my shoe…

Size 15 shoes!

Speaking of shoes, we went shoe shopping for Isaac the other day in preparation for school…size 15s!


If I wore size 15s, I might have stepped on these roly polies…I generally live and let live but pill bugs like these creep me out in numbers and this is only a portion of the ones that I saw in this pile.  I never knew it but these things are also known as wood lice.  No wonder they creep me out.  Anyhow, with my mere size 10s, I walked on without disturbing the pile!

Boats at the levee - Charleston, WV

I was in town the other day and took this cool pic of boats docked on the levee downtown.  It may not look it here but there was a good storm going on and I was stuck under a huge metal lightning rod…I mean shelter…freaky!