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The Aporkalypse is now!

The end is nigh!  The end is nigh!  The Aporkalypse has struck our house!  Isaac was diagnosed with swine flu today.  He started complaining of a headache and his fever really hit last night.  He is a pitiful thing…and all the squeals and oinks in his sleep…it was such a rough night for all of us.  Anyhow, he went to the doctor today and was diagnosed.  All the doctor did to diagnose him was go to this site.  I would definitely encourage you to diagnose yourself.  If I had known how simple it was, I would have saved the co-pay.  I believe they gave him some pills and some sort of oinkment.  Hopefully that will clear things up and get him back on all 4 hooves again soon.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to be extra cautious about hand-washing and so on.

10_02_2009 003

I was studying up on the subject here since Emily told me of Isaac’s diagnosis and it turns out that the swine flu could be a threat to every single person in the United States.  I am so glad I am married!

10_02_2009 005

I think it is too late for Emily…she seems to have crossed over to the other part of the barn-yard!

Ok, so I don’t mean to make light of the bad things that have happened to folks who have contracted the swine flu.  We’re going to keep an eye on each other and just do our best to get through the illness.  Wash your hooves folks!