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A day off

Does it get much better than a day off in the middle of the week?  And now, don’t take this wrong, but I have the day off…alone!  I don’t want to have all of my days off alone, but every now and then it surely is nice!  So, what to do today?  I am currently in Panera eating way too much sweet breakfast food!  Panera is my favorite place to eat.  It’s not that it’s an amazing place or anything.  It’s good but it just seems to hit my palette just right…that and free wi-fi.

I have to take Abigail to the orthodontist this morning.  That will take an hour or two and I enjoy hanging with her as she waits.  She doesn’t get nervous but I am certain that she would rather be in school.  Now, Isaac, on the other hand….I think he would rather get teeth pulled than be in school.  It’s funny how different kids can be.  Emily and I are both the oldest in our families and were/are high-achievers (are you allowed to say that or is it arrogant?  Oh, like I care).  Usually younger kids are a bit more “flexible” (though both of our siblings are high achievers too).  With Isaac and Abigail, it’s the opposite.  Isaac wants to do as little as he possibly can to get by while Abigail cries if she misspells a single word on a homework paper.

It’s so nasty outside that I may just go home and work on the house after I return Abigail to school.  I think that is what I like most about days like these…I can do anything I want.  I suppose I am pretty thankful for my life too.  I am pretty thankful to have been given the ability and the opportunity to do many different things.  Related to the surprise that I mentioned yesterday, I was talking to a friend who is a part of the surprise.  We were talking about things that used to seem hard until we learned what “it” really required.  She said, “well it isn’t surgery”  I sort of laughed and replied that I had done surgery…several times in fact.  You may think I am full of it, but I have in fact performed several surgeries in real operating rooms with real anesthesia and sterile instruments, etc.  You’ll have to wait for another day to hear that story though.  Pique your interest any?  I hope so!  See you tomorrow.  I have goofing off to do today!