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I haven’t always been all that interested in bugs…at least not enough to have them as pets.  I guess I have always been curious about all sorts of bugs but it was with my bees that my insectophilia became more obvious.  Anyhow, as I was looking over some pics I have taken in the last few months, I noticed a large number were of bugs.  A few were of my kids and family, but that’s not what we are here to talk about now is it?

So, here a re a few bugs pics I found…mostly pretty ones so fear not!

Ok, this next set was pretty weird.  We have a clowder (I learned that from Big Bang Theory) of cats that have accumulated in our neighborhood.  A former neighbor sort of collected cats but never took care of them.  We’ve seen as many as 13 at one time on our doorstep begging for food (and that bugs me, speaking of bugs).  Anyhow, Abigail was outside the other day playing with Tommy and noticed he was too interested in one spot in the yard.  She called me and we rescued a praying mantis.  I like praying mantises…and turtles.  They all seem so primitive and helpless to me.  So, I braved the jaws of Tommy and rescued this praying mantis.  He was indeed praying as I picked him up.  His wings were in bad shape but he nodded his head in appreciation as I set him upon a tree out of Tommy’s sight.

Oh why not…here are a few pics of the kids…they have mixed feelings about bugs.

Stuff…you know…things…

I was looking over a bunch of pictures of stuff we’ve done/seen/enjoyed lately and I thought it might be fun to show the stuff…you know…the things…

Of course, the other day, I posted our score of grapes which we were planning to turn into jelly…real grape jelly.  We got that done.  Usually Emily and I work pretty hard together on that sort of stuff but for some reason, she did all the grape jelly this time.  She is a jelly-making fool!  I am just a plain old fool.  I was busy watching The Colony, a new show on the Discovery channel (cable is evil but that is a heck of a show…if you are into post-apocalyptic stuff)  while she did all the work.  Yeah…still paying for that.

Let’s see, we have seen lots of butterflies and moths around the house lately.  I don’t know why, but whenever I see turtles or butterflies, I like to make sure they are ok.  I stop and help turtles across the road and I always offer a frown when a butterfly gets tangled up with the car (yeah, I know…it’s not much but what can I say?)  Anyhow, we have had a good crop of butterflies around…and dang they are cool!  I am not sure I had ever seen a luna moth before but it was really cool…so beautiful!

Yeah, I guess snails fall into the same category as turtles too…snails are super cool to watch.  I love to see their antennae disappear into their bodies and I am always amazed at how they can stretch.  They’re a little chewy primitive I guess…like turtles.  I am just amazed at all the stuff that just seems to be everywhere if I look!