HAROLD GENE KISER, 95, of Malden, passed away July 25, 2020. Gene was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who was very generous with his time, talents and gifts. He was always willing to give a handmade wood working gift, share the abundant harvest from his annual summer garden and volunteer at church. … Continue reading Poppaw

Fall does have some good things

Since forever, I have sort of dreaded Fall, and, more to the point, Winter.  I don’t have anything specifically against Fall other than it proceedeth directly into Winter.  By the way, that reminds me of one of our favorite lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in reference to the Holy Hand Grenade: “And … Continue reading Fall does have some good things

We’re in the green

We plant a garden every year…some years it’s good, some years we look forward to the next year.  We used to plant a large garden at Emily’s grandparents’ house.  With all the running around we do, it became unmanageable.  We still love fresh food and you can’t beat the price (although, building up the garden … Continue reading We’re in the green

Taters and maters

I just like saying that title…it is like so many words or combinations….it’s just a fun thing to say.  What words do you have like that…stuff that’s just fun to say? Anyhow, I’ve long posted on gardening endeavors so this is in that tradition.  We have a little habit of planting too much and then filling … Continue reading Taters and maters

The worst Saturday in awhile

Typically, I cherish my Saturdays.  A few years ago, I pondered about how many Saturdays I have and how I wanted to use them.  They are special.  This weekend, I learned that some can be “special”…yes…in quotes. A got up early on Saturday to go to a farm equipment auction I had been looking forward … Continue reading The worst Saturday in awhile