5 thoughts on “Cane mill/Sorghum Stuff

  1. My son has a piece of one of these mills its the left side the side that says chatt plow ,He was wondering what a piece like this is worth ? Thank you ..Mary

  2. Mary – I am not an expert so I don’t know. Lots of these parts depend on who has a mill that is missing that particular part. It’s a fairly limited crowd of people who are into these mills but to someone who needs that part, it might be priceless! Otherwise, probably depends on quality, location, etc. If you send me a pic, I can post on here and see if anyone knows anything else…

  3. Me and my brother have my Great Grandpa’s mill that we still use to make cane syrup with. If anyone can tell me where I can find the bushings for the rollers I would gladly appreciate it.

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