Building our small cabin

Follow these links to watch the progress as we build our small cabin on our land in the beautiful WV countryside

-Getting Tanked

-Building our cabin

-And there was mud

-Tanlines and stuff

-We were floored

-Product Placements

-We were framed

-Good clamps are hard to find

-Four Square

 -8 feet is too much


-Country Neighbors

-Black Friday

-The Sleeping Loft

-Under Roof!

-Wrapping it up!

-We’ve been busy!

 -Why we built a post and pier foundation

 -Some perspective on showers

 -Yoga Booty (installing soffit and fascia)

-Progress on the cabin

-Siding and some difficult neighbors

-Winders and sidin’

-The rules of plumbing

-I can dig it!

-You mean the foundation comes before the house?

-Wall #1

-Human backhoes

-Angle Grinder + Finger = Bad

-I’m starting to see it

-Not thinking concretely

-Closing it in

-Cabin progress – bathroom floor and a deck!

-She decked me!

-Boot washer!

-Ditching it all for power

-Cabin progress – Fall edition

 -Finally, a porch roof…almost!


 -Let there be light!
Here is my skp file…it’s the sketchup file if you want to have a look.  I warn you, it is terrible and only gave me a rough idea of board counts, etc.  Use it at your own peril!

4 thoughts on “Building our small cabin

  1. can you send me your sketchup file? I’m building near Princeton WV and am very impressed with your design. Thanks! a. jarrett

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