7 thoughts on “The Settlers of Catan

  1. We were given the game by a German friend of ours during a visit and played several rounds with him. I enjoyed it and caught on enough that I did beat him in the last game we played. Sadly that was eight years ago. My kids aren’t old enough and board games with just two people isn’t nearly as fun unless perhaps you count cribbage as a board game. I’m looking forward to when my kids get old enough to have a true game night where I can drag that game out again.

    Back in the day, families used to gather at a neighbor’s house for game nights. The adults would play card games and the kids board games. I think you wouldn’t see any 20/20 special reports on Neighbors From Hell if that were still the case today.

  2. Board games have always been a part of our family. Remember the games called book shelf games. One was called Acquire. A came of buying and selling hotels. They were great fun. Still have them and look forward to playing with the grandkids some day soon.

  3. Ah the pleasure of the little adults playing board games with the ‘rents. Git it while it’s good, that age doesn’t last very long.

  4. My kids cannot tolerate a game unless there are only one or two rules—and they are grown much older than your kids. Think Apples to Apples or Uno.
    Glad your kiddos will sit still for something like your new game. Less time on phones and computers!!

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