And now, onto the snow!

I hate snow.  I didn’t always hate snow but I hate it now.  As this has been a weird winter, I sort of guess I’ll need to just deal with it.  If not, my crying will likely freeze tears right to my face.    If it wasn’t for the cold and wet and the hazardous driving, and the cold and the wet, I might enjoy the snow itself well enough.  It is pretty after all.

Patrick Street bridge in the snow
Patrick Street bridge in the snow

I was up sort of early this morning and snapped this picture of a bridge in town.  You know, I sort of have a thing for bridges…especially blue ones apparently.  Anyhow, I thought this was a pretty scene.  Of course my feet got wet and snow ran clear down my back to…well…you know…clear down my back as it melted.  It’s still falling like crazy and the kids are out of school for weather rather than our water disaster.  I suppose there is happiness in my house…or will be when everyone finally wakes up!

5 thoughts on “And now, onto the snow!

  1. I’m sorry your had to go to work. We have really cold but little snow. Thank goodness. Be glad also when this winter is over. I hate cold worse than the snow.

  2. I was pondering this very subject today. When we lived in MA I didn’t understand the ‘Snow Birds’ – retired folk that head south for the winter months only to return in the spring. Keeping up two households – moving cars back and forth… it just seemed silly…
    Now that I’m a little older… I completely get it!

  3. This has been the most taxing winter we have had in a long time, isn’t it?!
    Our outside thermometer says -14 this morning, that’ll slap you in the face for sure!
    I am sure your kids will find something to do 🙂

  4. Good golly, it’s just one thing after another for y’all!

    PS….Is the background on your blog a photo taken from the deck of the d-lux deer shed? Beautiful!

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