I licked Abe’s leg

Emily went to a conference in Cincinnati this weekend and the kids and I went along.  I was arm candy in the evenings but during the day, the kids and I did a self-guided walking tour of the sights within walking distance of the center of the city.  I’ll tell you more about that another time, but my favorite part of the tour was when we got to lick Abraham Lincoln’s leg.

The Taft Museum in Cincinatti
The Taft Museum in Cincinnati
Getting along so well...
Getting along so well…

We decided to take a walk over to the Taft Museum on Saturday but we got there before it opened so we had to walk around a little until it opened.  Near the museum is a little park called Lytle Park.

Licking Abraham Lincoln's leg
Licking Abraham Lincoln’s leg
Licking Abraham Lincoln's leg
Abigail too!

In that park is a Abraham Lincoln statue.  He’s big.  He’s really big…and he’s bronze.  Friends, those of you who have read  of our shenanigans know that we lick bronze things.  Well, brass things too.  And iron things too.

Abraham Lincoln at Lytle Park, Cincinnati
Abraham Lincoln at Lytle Park, Cincinnati

Mostly, we lick all sorts of metal things.  Anyhow, Abe is big, metal and has now been licked.  Fortunately, we licked Abe on Saturday when the temperature was above freezing.  We would have been stuck (literally) in Cincinnati an extra day if we had licked Abe on Sunday!

6 thoughts on “I licked Abe’s leg

  1. You are just too much Warren! lol We might just see it on the news one day where a family from West Virginia is put in jail for licking monuments, statutes and such while touring Washington, DC while on their family vacation! 🙂 lol

  2. That picture of your kids “getting along” made me cough for 3 minutes. So perfect and funny. *sigh* Now I miss my brother.

  3. You old metal licker you! You are certainly making memories!!
    I was in Cincinnati at the beginning of the month, I feel so close to you!

  4. Fortunately for me, my wife is also one of those people who gets to go on conferences and I get to be the arm candy in the evenings and explorer by day. I keep pushing her to sign up for something in Alaska perhaps near Denali!

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