The importance of pudding and its perfect state

Pudding is one of those things that is a real delight and one that I do not enjoy often enough.  I worked pretty hard on a few things this weekend and I took a couple of ugly falls, climbed under cabinets for a few hours and even broke a fingernail.  As always, I had to harass Isaac a little also, and with his size nowadays, that is no small feat.  So, as I browsed the pantry the other night, I saw, peeking around the box of saltine crackers, a package of french vanilla cook-and-serve pudding.

Pudding is love! 12_25_2012 131

Now truth be told, there is nothing finer than made-from-scratch vanilla pudding (like we put in creampuffs), but barring the real thing, I am pretty happy to make it from a mix.  Here is the important part though…I only eat it when it is hot/warm and it is best with the lumps and skin that develop.  The skin turns instantly nasty when it gets cold, so I am not talking about that skin.  No, the warm skin and lumps are the ones that make pudding perfect.

Pudding is love! Pudding is love!

I mixed up a 6-serving box right before bed and ate half of it, making sure to scrape the bottom of the pan to get the lumps.  Emily and the kids will eat the cold pudding later…eeewwww.  Anyhow, with all of my bumps and bruises, it was just perfect and just what the doctor ordered.  Pudding fixes things, my friends.  It’s sort of magical and the real magic is in the lumps!

6 thoughts on “The importance of pudding and its perfect state

  1. Granny Sue – that dang mud up there made it nuts. I was moving bags of concrete and slipped twice. Me falling with 80# bags ends badly every time. I am mostly just sore, but I am indeed sore

  2. I guess I’m glad I don’t live in your house or I would have to fight your wife and kids for the scraps. I can’t stand warm pudding. Ice cold is the way to go!

    Eating only half of a six serving box was showing a lot of restraint!

  3. Hot is the only way to go…so hot that you can hardly eat it. I think I’ll fix some for myself tonight. Be careful you really don’t need an excuse to make pudding!

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