If it has to snow…

If it has to snow, I guess we might as well do something to enjoy it.  We didn’t get too much snow on Friday but Abigail in particular decided to make the most of it.  I bribed her brother to go and sled with her and it worked…he fell for it.

Sled riding! Sled riding!

I had decided earlier in the day not to wear any pants all Saturday.  Before you think me too creepy, I wore shorts all day, even out in the 25 degree weather.  I wasn’t cold for some reason and it had nothing to do with Uncle Bill’s special cold weather elixir.

Shorts in the snow      02_05_2013 069

Anyhow, hills in WV are plentiful but hills that won’t kill you are somewhat harder to find.  The kids spent an hour or so rolling up and down the little hill out back with sleds and without.  It was really a pretty awesome time.  The kids had a lot of fun together and any time we get that chance, I will take it.

Sled riding! Sled riding!

While standing out in the snow, I also discovered the my phone can take really awesome panoramic photos.  I took a few pics of the area from different angles.  I sort of hate to admit it but the whole scene was sort of pretty.

02_05_2013 011

I guess I might have had blood flow issues though as my body tried to warm my legs so I do not want to fully commit to claiming any part of winter is nice.

Sled riding! Sled riding!

I had the opportunity to enjoy my favorite holiday of the year with my kids and that was pretty cool.  I know you are thinking that Groundhog Day can’t possibly be Warren’s favorite holiday but, friends, I am here to tell you it is!  It means the days are starting to feel longer, the maples will soon be blooming and winter is soon to be over!  This year Phil was very kind also.  And just to go on the record, Punxsutawney Phil is the one true seer, the prognosticator of all prognosticators.  The others are all impostors!

7 thoughts on “If it has to snow…

  1. Now that looks like fun! Seems like I’ve been sick every time we’ve had enough snow to play in this winter. I’ll just have to hope for another snowfall so I can get out and enjoy it. But there is nothing like playing in the snow with kids. My guys absolutely wore out the snow around here when they were young. There was not a pristine spot without them trampling through it. Usually with the Hinzman boys 🙂

  2. I remember a whole gang of kids sledding and skiing behind our house and have a wonderful time. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Miss those times. Now winter is just plain cold!

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