Who knew it was that easy?

Friday was the end of the semester for the kids and they finished with pretty good grades. We usually do something sorta special when the semester ends so we decided to go get some hibachi/sushi. We all get pretty much the same thing every time we go. The other three in my family always get the cook-in-front-of-you-shrimp and I get sushi. Abigail and I always share an order of edamame and Isaac snarls at his salad.  We slurp our soup and laugh when only Isaac (and his big mouth) can catch the shrimp the chef tosses at us.  It’s great fun!

hibachi2 hibachi3

A new hibachi place opened up in town so the one we usually go to remodeled a little and printed a new menu with higher prices to cover the new paint job. I don’t usually look at menu covers much but for some reason, I decided to read clear to the end. It was there that I found a little gem. Take a quick read and you will see what I mean.


I was delighted to find that the age-old challenge of men (and women) was so easily solved with a simple trip to the local hibachi restaurant. Now that I know the secret, I figure we will eat hibachi a little more often…

7 thoughts on “Who knew it was that easy?

  1. I was just wondering if you have to make a special appointment for the “Dinner for Two”? Surely it isn’t part of the chef’s theatrical flair right there at the table!!!

  2. Although we eat at hibachi restaurants, we generally eat on the booth side of the place and skip the performance. Of course our kids are quite a bit younger than yours and when they get older, I’m guessing we will have to switch over to the performance side.

  3. Oh my, how nice to get a giggle so early in my morning! I’m glad the exotic drinks get to savor the sashimi. Did you an Emily have to make other arrangements for the kids during the Dinner for Two portion of the meal? 🙂

  4. Hi, me again. I stole your photo, but gave you and your blog proper linkage. I just wanted to spread the giggles around to others. Plus, I was badly in need of a smile myself.

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