Baby it’s cold outside

Winter is not my friend.  I generally do not like a single thing about it.  This week, we are supposed to get colder than average temperatures with the lowest on Tuesday…single digit stuff.  We have a little tradition in our house that started by accident…whenever it’s cold outside, we sing (repeatedly) that Christmas-ish song, Baby it’s cold outside.  The kids sing it.  We sing it.  It’s usually loud and bad and we rarely get past the first verse.  And it’s bad.  We love it though!

Trees at sunrise

Anyhow, my blogging and real-life friend Granny Sue put up a great poem she wrote about the cold…check it out.  My poems on cold would be a study in four letter words so I will spare you that.

Trees at sunrise

So, instead, I thought I would post a few pics I have taken as I stand with Isaac at the bus stop…in the cold…and dark.

Trees at sunrise

I do like one thing about winter and cold I guess.  I like turning the heat up, piling on a big stack of blankets (which in my case, means one blanket on especially cold days), drinking hot tea non-stop and laughing at the wind with my sweetie.  I know we need the cold to reset Mother Nature and all so I guess I will make the most of the crisp cool mornings at sunrise when I get to see the beauty around me and take a few special minutes to talk to Isaac in the dark.  His guard is down in the dark (or maybe it’s the onset of hypothermia?) and we get to talk about a little bit of everything.

Bring on the Arctic blast…I am ready and so is my hot tea!

7 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Nothing like a good father/son chat on a dark frigid morning. Standing in the cold, listening to each others teeth chatter as shivers wrack the body.

  2. You have me to thank for the cold. Somebody from out west sent it to me yesterday without asking and after a day of it, I decided I had enough and sent it packing east. I guess I know whose door it showed up on.

  3. You’ll be feeling those blasts very well when you’re up on the hill, Warren! But my goodness the night sky has been amazing, and you have prime viewing.

    You know what Garrison Keillor said about men and cold and equality, right? Maybe that’s why you two can talk easily on cold dark mornings.

  4. Someone told me that you burn the most calories shivering, so there’s that.
    I like your thoughts about talking at the bus stop, you big old hunk of honey!

  5. Granny Sue – I do know what Garrison Said and I suppose there is no way to deny it!

    CapriK – Aww shucks!

    Ed – Thanks a lot! It’s bad again today. Ugh. We may be getting snowed on between now and Friday too!

    GW – We can barely hear each other through the chattering!

  6. Our schools have had 2 hour delays this week due to cold weather. It was 0 this morning when I went to work. Wind chill was -15. Too cold to be out very long. When is Spring ever going to come.

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