The bottomless pit

As many families do, we ate breakfast for supper the other night.  We had a bunch of biscuits, eggs and sausage.  It is not uncommon for us to eat that sort of thing, especially when we are going to be busy. It’s fast and sooooo good.  Anyhow, we made a mess of biscuits.  I mean, we made a bunch of good-sized biscuits because we like to eat the left-overs the next day for breakfast.

So, I will come back to that in a minute.  But have you met my son, Isaac?  Isaac is going on 13 and most certainly in the transition from boy to young man.  It takes a tremendous amount of sleep and food to fuel such a transition apparently.  We have noticed that Isaac tends to graze all day long and still sit down and eat a full meal by adult standards. In fact, he may eat a full meal by a giant’s standard.  He almost always eats more than I do and I am not a bean pole.  I suppose I was like that around his age too but I certainly do not remember it being so.

7 of these biscuits!

Anyhow, back to the biscuits…we started with 15 nice sized biscuits.  Emily and I had each had 2 and Abigail had 1.  As we cleared the table, we noticed the number remaining in the basket…now if your math is up to snuff, you will quickly calculate that Isaac ate 7 biscuits along with his two eggs and 4 pieces of sausage.   Seven biscuits!  I think the only reason he stopped at 7 was that Abigail fussed at him, complaining that she would have none to eat for breakfast the next day!

Well, I am glad that we are in a position to feed the boy what he need to fuel his growth into young-manhood.  I only hope that the store and our garden can keep up with the demand!

EDIT:  Emily just informed me that she only had 1 biscuit so Isaac actually had 8 biscuits!

8 thoughts on “The bottomless pit

  1. Believe me Son, I remember you at that stage of life. No way to fill that bottomless pit. Remember we had two boys, two bottomless pits. We survived and so will you.

  2. Nothing wrong with that boy. Good biscuits deserve to be eaten with such gusto. Especially while still warm. Dripping with butter and smothered in honey, yum.

  3. You’ve got me wantin some biscuits now! Do you use the Teays Valley Biscuit mix? Those are my favorite! My son will not eat a biscuit from a can.

    I can’t believe he ate 8 biscuits! I’ll freak when my 8 yr old son starts eating that many biscuits! lol He too is going through a major growth spurt and is constantly eating. I will have to say that I do believe that it is a boy thing because my daughter who is 14 has never ate as much as my boy even when she was going through her growth spurts.

  4. Angela,
    We do like the Teays Valley mixes. We use them frequently. Just about as frequently, though, I make them from scratch which may be a tad better…not healthier but better tasting. Still, the Teays Valley folks make a fine biscuit!

  5. I remember my brother eating 16 slices of toast. The bum used up the toaster for what seemed like hours (and all the bread) leaving poor little me with only the ends…

  6. Brother,
    I forgot about that 4 slice toaster…and now that you mention it, I do remember eating toast like that. So sorry for leaving you the scraps only…it made you a better man though, I am sure!

  7. I still remember those days when I could eat anything. At the height, I distinctly remember sitting down and eating an entire large taco pizza in one sitting. Now I struggle to eat maybe two slices and even then, they go straight to my gut. What I wouldn’t give for just a tiny fraction of that metabolism I had as a kid.

  8. Yes, this continues for quite a while. The Boy at 21 doesn’t eat as often as he used to, but still quite heartily!!
    My Uncle Bill could eat so much they always said he had hollow legs!

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