It’s getting hot in here…

So, last week (or was it two weeks ago?) we were without power for 6 days.  It was hot and without power, it got pretty uncomfortable. The fantastic effort by a bunch of linesmen from all over the country got everyone turned back on and life was once again electrifying.    I was all charged up to get back to a normal lifestyle and enjoy the rest of summer.  You see, I usually like heat quite a bit.  This Sunday, however, our air conditioner decided it had gone on long enough.  We kicked on the AC and the compressor outside sounded like it had a zucchini stuck inside.  It clanged and clattered and sputtered some.  It took me a few minutes of listening to the behavior but I finally ruled out the zucchini.  It didn’t seem worthwhile to try to investigate the possibility of other vegetables so we called a repair place.

The offending piece of junk…out of frame is me mooning the AC

As a side note, I think I am in the wrong business.  All of the hvac folks are days and days behind…every last one of them seems to be running from place to place removing zucchinis from AC units.

Anyhow, it is somewhere around 95-100 outside which leaves the house about 10 degrees warmer.  It’s very hot in here.  It brings to mind Nelly, the talented musician who recorded Hot in Herre (I’ll leave you to find the videos of the song…PG13) as well as other classics like Ride Wit Me and Grillz.  The gist is, he enters an establishment where folks do cardio-vascular strengthening exercises to the beat of music piped to all parts of the room.  In time, with such exercise, the patrons of the establishment find that their body temperatures begin to rise so Nelly suggests removing some of their extra layers of clothing (your mom told you to dress in layers didn’t she?) to expose more skin to the open air in order to allow perspiration to evaporate, thus cooling their bodies.

The repair folks came by and have scheduled the installation of a new AC unit on Thursday morning.  That leaves us several days where we find ourselves in a predicament similar to that in which Nelly found himself.  I’ll not describe the state of things around here in any more detail, but let me confirm for you that evaporation of perspiration is in fact enhanced with less clothing covering bare skin.

Well friends, as I said, you can find the original Nelly video but I hope you will be inspired by these folks who were overheated in their Sunday best:

4 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here…

  1. Our heat pump decided to poop out too. 🙁 Can’t use Nellie’s methods as I have workmen right outside the sliding glass door!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! I would have to move into the nearest mall or something. I can’t remember when we have used our air MORE than than this summer!
    On the other hand, Abby says they keep it SO cold at work she had to put on a sweater OVER her sweater yesterday! Sounds heavenly to me!

  3. I hate to hear about your ac Warren. This just isn’t a good time to be without it with it being as hot as it has been. Hope they get it fixed soon!

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