KYD means KFC

It’s been a long standing tradition that every May, we gather and watch the KY Derby with Emily’s people.  Well, really we gather to eat KFC chicken.  We usually  spend three minutes researching our favorite horses and then cheer for another two minutes.  We cheer…vigorously which is quite exhausting.  Try cheering solid for 2 minutes about a horse.  Of course, after all of the excitement, we need to re-fuel so we eat derby pie.

KY Derby Hats! KY Derby Hats! KY Derby Hats!

Even when we lived in KY and TN, we upheld the tradition, even if it was just the 2 (then 3, then 4 when Abigail was born) of us.  When we moved back to WV, we petitioned the gang (yes, they are a gang) to add a new part to the tradition.  For the last few years, on Derby day, we also wear “fancy” hats.

KY Derby Hats! KY Derby Hats! KY Derby Hats!

I take great pride in making my hat each year as do most of the gang.  Abigail made ribbons for the hat-wearers for the best hats.  I am proud to say I won 3rd place this year.  My hat was…well, you tell me.  I don’t know what it was other than Derby-worthy.

KY Derby Hats!

Those drunken women at the real KY Derby have nothing on our hats…and we aren’t even drunk!

7 thoughts on “KYD means KFC

  1. This seems like a great tradition. I may have to steal it. Oh, and your hat is ‘da bomb’!

  2. In my entire life, I have only read one article/post/paragraph about the Kentucky Derby, and this was it. It was worth the wait. All other references will pale in comparison, because this was obviously the best.
    *Hats off,* Derby gang!

  3. I would have given you first place Warren for your hat.

    Is part of the tradition a drink fight too? I notice your wife’s shirt looks different in the bottom picture compared to the top picture. Weird sweat stain perhaps?

  4. I love it! I watched the Kentucky Derby while everyone else was outside. I had this odd desire to go and put on a hat but I didn’t. I will the next time! That is a very fun family tradition you have going there Warren! 🙂

  5. Ed – I am not sure what got all over her shirt. We were playing with our nephew so I suspect that is toddler drool but who knows?!

    We love this tradition and it seems to grow a little more ridiculous each year. I made mint juleps one year…not great really. I preferred soda any day. Still, we are all from KY on Derby Day!

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