Daily Archives: April 12, 2012


We had a sleep-over for Abigail’s birthday a few weeks ago.  We were talking about what we had to do to prepare and the first thing Abigail said is, “Can we clean up outside?  Can we start with the fence?  It looks trashy!”  Well, she had a point.  We bought this house 6 or so years ago and the fence was a wreck then.  It had stupid English ivy growing all over it and that stuff sucks.  I mean, it sucks the life out of anything it touches.  I despise the miserable stuff.  Oops…sorry…off topic.

Old picket fence
Isn't that old fence a beauty?
Old picket fence
I seriously just pulled it out of place! It was junk!

Anyhow, so back to the fence.  We looked sideways at the old fence and it fell down…well, the parts that didn’t just disintegrate fell over the hill.  Emily hoisted 3 new fence panels into the van all by herself (don’t ask…she was most seriously displeased with the lack of attention from the worthless staff at our local home improvement store).  I dug a lot of post holes when I put up the fence for the bee yard.  It doesn’t get any better with time, my friends.  I once again used the auger which is a man-killer.  Post hole diggers kill also, it just goes faster with the auger and this project was no different.

A post hole!
Auger hole...to the center of the earth!
New picket fence
Ain't it a beauty?!

So, we got the new fence up and the party went off without a hitch.  I don’t think that a single 9 year old noticed that we had a new fence in place.  I don’t think my neighbors cared much about my new fence.  Honestly, I sort of don’t care much about the new fence either.  The good news is that we now have a new place to air out shoes or hang laundry to dry.  I am so glad Abigail suggested this new fence so we won’t look trashy!