Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Mah baby turned 9!

My baby girl turned 9 today.  How can that be?!  It was just yesterday she was born!  Of course, it was just yesterday I was 18 too so I guess  I have blinked!  Anyhow, to celebrate, we went out to eat with family tonight.  Emily asked Abigail where she wanted to go for her party.  We figured she would pick any number of places but we never expected she would say she wanted to eat at the Mexican restaurant where we often eat.  You see, what makes it especially funny is that she always orders a hotdog or a hamburger…at the Mexican restaurant.

A nasty hotdog Mexican fries

Well, a bunch of us ate together and Abigail had a great time!  She sat at the head of the table and absolutely absorbed every smile and laugh from our group!  She was in her element at the center of attention.  Just as she was finishing up her french Mexican fries, the wait-staff brought her fried ice cream and a big sombrero.  She didn’t know, as they sang her a birthday song, that she would get a nose full of whipped cream, a Mexican restaurant tradition.

Sombrero on her birthday! Fried ice cream on her nose

For her birthday, Abigail wanted folks to donate money to relief efforts for the recent tornadoes in Kentucky.  We sort of poked around a little though to see what else she wanted.  I figured she would pick a new book or maybe some clothes…nope.  She wanted wood files.  That’s right – my little girl wanted wood-working tools that she has seen me use.  Heck, I was happy to oblige…she got wood rasps for her 9th birthday!

The birthday girl! The family! Wood files!

After we got home tonight, she was just a delight.  She danced around and laughed and said, “this was a splendid day!”  That’s my baby girl…growing up so well!