You’re welcome Landau

I just thought I would take a chance to tell Landau Eugene Murphy Jr that he is welcome.  You see, he had the privilege of singing with my daughter on Friday night.  I suspect it is a night he will never forget.

The Clay Center, Charleston, WV
The Clay Center, Charleston, WV

For those of you who don’t know Landau, he is a West Virginian who recently won the tv show, “America’s Got Talent” (Seriously, click the link and watch the video!)  Abigail sings with the Appalachian Children’s Chorus and they had their annual benefit concert on Friday night.  This event was a pretty important one because all of the money from the event benefits both the ACC and the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, an organization that takes care of and helps place children no longer living with their biological parents.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr and the Appalachian Children's Chorus

The Clay Center in Charleston was pretty much packed on Friday night and we were not disappointed.  Landau got to sing a few songs with the ACC which was so cool.  Oh yeah, he sang a lot on his own too.  He’s really a great performer.  He sort of became famous for his dreadlocks and his perfect crooner voice.  As Howie Mandel noted, what better way to bring back Frank Sinatra than with Landau’s look.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think he is equally or maybe more talented singing Motown though.  He has a great deep voice that is a delight to hear.

More importantly though, he is a really sweet spirit.  Before winning the show, he worked as a car washer in a coal town in WV.  In his spare time, even then, he worked with the Children’s Home Society to share music with the kids in their care.  This concert was a perfect opportunity for him to broaden that work and bring more attention to those children.

He is funny and uses physical humor like a pro.  Maybe someday he will have the opportunity to sing with Abigail again.  I am pretty sure she would be delighted!

7 thoughts on “You’re welcome Landau

  1. How great. That’s something Abigail can put in her memories book. She’ll have fun telling her kids how she sang with Landau. Maybe someday someone will say they sang with Abigail.

  2. So cool for him to sing with your sweetie girl and her choir !! I’m sure it was a wonderful evening for everyone.

    I thought certain when I saw the title that you would be posting about Landau Calrissian. Seems like something you’d do.

  3. That is just so cool Warren! I do love Landau’s singing and I bought his first cd the day it came out. So now I can say I know someone who knows someone who sang with Landau! lol 😉 Way cool!

  4. I think it was great that Abigail and her choir allowed him to sing with them. I am sure his fame will raise because of it. Because after all I have never heard of him until your post and now I am going to check him out on You Tube. Who knows, I might be a big fan.

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