Healthy Coke

So when I am feeling all romantic and stuff, I take Emily to the Club to eat…Sam’s Club that is.  You see, I can buy 2 gigantic slices of pizza and two gallons of drink for something like $2.79.  We usually take an after dinner stroll around the…rice and beans aisle and just generally check things out.  Some stuff we just pick up regardless of whether we need it.  Stuff like brown sugar, canned peaches and tube socks.  Can you ever have too many tube socks?  No, I think not.  I just love the smell of brown sugar too.  If they made brown sugar cologne, I would wear it and I don’t do cologne.

Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke

Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke

Anyhow, I have a few vices, mostly centering around sugar and sweet stuff.  I like pop and sugary candy in a bad way.  I guess I only drink 1 pop per day but I would live on it if I thought I could.  Corn syrup sucks, I know.  It’s in everything though.  Heck, it’s even in new car tires.  So, when we wander around in the Club, sometimes we ponder life and the future and stuff and I lament the tragedy that is corn syrup and how it is shortening my life.  As we toured around one time, we noticed bottles of Coke…glass bottles.  It caught my attention because I fondly remember walking after school to my Mom’s office in the court house in my hometown.

Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke

They had an ancient pop machine on the first floor that sold $.25 pop in returnable bottles and I loved drinking straight from the bottle.  So, I checked out the Cokes in the Club…and then I saw the price…24 bottles for $19!  Back in the courthouse, I could get those same bottles, already refrigerated for $6!   Emily was quick to remind me that my pop machine memory was from 30 years ago.  I guess inflation happens.  Still, it seemed silly until I considered the price I pay for corn-syrup filled pops at the gas station in the morning.  The bottles of Coke at the Club are the famous Mexican Cokes made with pure sugar – healthy Cokes, right?

Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke

Mexican Coke - aka Healthy Coke

We scooped up a case of the Healthy Cokes  and Isaac and I have been having one a day for…well, the last 11 days.  Yes, dear friends, there are only 2 left.  It looks like it’s about time to take my lady back on another date to the Club.  Only the finest for my woman!


By the way, sorry about all of the pictures…I was feeling so healthy that I just got a little carried away with the camera apps on my phone…

5 thoughts on “Healthy Coke

  1. LOVE the Coke with real sugar! I hadn’t realized what a difference there was in the corn syrup Coke until I compared the two. Coke with sugar is what I remember from childhood.

  2. You are too funny Warren! I was at your club today and I seen those famous Cokes you are talking about. I don’t really like Coke so I left them there for you! 🙂 I wonder if I’d like the real ones versus the corn syrup ones? I’m a Pepsi girl right now! 🙂

  3. Ha!! Healthy for you in the same way cake is healthy for you. Bill Cosby so aptly points out, “It has flour (wheat) and eggs and milk in it. It’s good for you!”

  4. Ha! Found you again via Natalie’s blog! Thus the stalking… err, “re-acquainting” begins anew!

    (More seriously, I somehow lost your blog from my RSS feed. May have been during the Great Google Reader Purge. Glad to see you’re still posting 🙂

    HFCS does a number on my nerves, so maybe I’ll have to try some real-sugar Coke. A case would be good, because one should make sure results are repeatable, right?

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