Good clamps are hard to find

We’ve been busy.  My company is getting ready to move so I have been pretty involved in that process.  Hopefully that will be done at the end of this week, though it ain’t over ’til it’s over.  Both kids also have strep throat so that’s been fun too.  I am at home with Abigail today, in fact.  She still has a fever and looks pitiful.  Anyhow, I didn’t get a chance to show our progress on the cabin from two weekends ago so I will post about that today.  Hopefully I can post pics from this weekend’s progress later this week.

We had great help…both Emily’s grandfather and her uncle came by to help on Saturday.  My brother tells a funny story about working on stuff with our Dad when we were kids.  He claims my Dad said, “I don’t know if you’ll ever amount to anything son, but at least you will make a good clamp.”  Both of my helpers were much better than clamps though that is all they would likely claim to have performed as during our work.


We fixed up some mistakes we made the previous week when we were framing the walls on the platform.  Once those were fixed, we got more walls set up and we installed some of the OSB on the walls.  Without our helpers, Emily and I could never have lifted and held the OSB on the high points of the “deluxe shed”.  The ladder was steep and the clay was slippery so someone had to hold the ladder while I screwed the sheets to the framing.



Uncle B. claimed that he was not handy but he seemed to be pretty good at hitting a nail and reading a tape measure.  I think he is holding out on Aunt P.  So, working all together, we made great progress.

Emily and I returned Sunday to see how far we could get.  Actually, we built a few more walls and were able to set them up ourselves.


Emily makes a great mule.  I think she has a similar term for me…

We got quite a bit done and we didn’t even brawl too much!  Like so many things, now that we are so far along, we are finally getting the hang of this whole thing.  Emily was a little hard on some of the tools though.  I am not exactly sure how I feel about the look on her face with the skeletons of my former glorious tools.

Anyhow, we went back out again last weekend so stay tuned for more pics of the progress we made.

See all of the progress on the cabin

5 thoughts on “Good clamps are hard to find

  1. Emily makes a great mule. I think she has a similar term for me…
    We got quite a bit done and we didn’t even brawl too much!

    I am laughing out loud reading this to Butch!!!
    It is looking ship shape down there!

  2. Very Nice, I just love the last photo…Did she use that level as a pry bar? I too have been doing some construction projects with the help of the wife, and find it amazing how she will try to use the wrong tool for the job. But as you say she makes a good mule. She also has a similar word for me. Funny how that works.
    But your construction project is coming along very well. At this rate maybe you will get a roof up before snowfall.

  3. It’s looking good! Loved the cow photos in the last post too. It’s a fall ritual here, a girls night out every fall, and occasionally mid-winter as well. That nice green meadow grass just calls to them.

    Larry felt bad that he didn’t get the scaffold over there. He’ll have it there this week. He was laying block all last week and with the rain and cold he had a tough time of it.

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