It’s been a long two weeks around our place.  Abigail and Isaac both had a fever starting 2 weeks ago.  We took both kids to the doctor and they both tested positive for strep throat.  They got their typical doses of antibiotics and headed home.  Two days later, Isaac was fine but Abigail was pretty much the same.  She still had a high fever and felt pretty terrible.  We went back to the doctor a few more times which was extremely frustrating.  We knew Abigail wasn’t right but we got this line of crap, “just wait, the meds sometimes take longer to work on some kids.”  Yeah, but I know when sometime else is wrong.  So, we wait another day and go back again and see a doctor who has some bedside manner (unlike the schmoo we saw in the prior visit).  She poked around some more and discovered that Abigail also had pneumonia.  We tried some new antibiotics but that didn’t work so she was admitted to the hospital this Monday.  I stayed the first night with her and Emily stayed the second.

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Ok, so I usually have only good things to say about Charleston.  WV is awesome and I never enjoy saying anything bad but the hospital we were in had no private rooms unless you were dangerous.  Apparently, if you are a kid, there is no place in Charleston that has private rooms.  That sucks!  So, Abigail was miserable and the 4 year old they admitted right after us was also.  Two sick adults may be able to share a room because they typically don’t cry and scream and pee the bed.  Kids, on the other hand, are not known for their restraint when feeling terrible.  So, between the roar of the interstate that passes nearby and the whining roomie-kid (poor thing…her mom was nice.  It was just a bad situation ) and the double-the-usual-number-of-nurse-checks-because-there-are-two-kids-instead-of-one interruptions, no one slept the first night.  Healing usually works well under those conditions, right?

I agree...

Ok, enough whining…after 4 different antibiotics, Abigail’s fever finally came down although she gained a lovely full-body rash.  She came home after lunch on Wednesday.  Honestly, she was not whiny or nasty through any of this, thank goodness.


Usually the pudding goes inside the puff, but as the chef, I took liberty and covered my first one all over in pudding!

So, creampuffs…why that title?  During the pre-pneumonia-diagnosis time, one day while I stayed home with her, I got a wild hair.  My Mom used to make creampuffs every now and then and I absolutely love them.  I had a hankering for creampuffs so while Abigail was sleeping, I started cooking!  It’s pretty rare really.   Anyhow, Abigail was an absolute trooper through all of this, so she proved that she was no creampuff.  However, I was needed a creampuff, to stay healthy of course…for science!

8 thoughts on “Creampuffs

  1. So glad Abigail’s home and doing well. Try making those cream puffs again sometime when I’m there. I love them also. Haven’t made them for a long time.

  2. Wow! Poor little thing. Strep is a mean bug. I never have had a child in that hospital but it sounds like no fun. I hope she’s recovering quickly now that the meds are working.

  3. I’m glad you finally found a doctor that knew what was going on with her! I’m so glad that I haven’t ever had to spend the night at a hospital with my kids but if I should ever have to I don’t want to go to the one that I’m pretty sure you went to. I think I’ll go to Huntington. I hope Abagail is feeling better!

  4. POOR Abigail! She sounds like she was a trooper though. And you and Emily were too.
    We have spent many a night in the hospital with our kids and roommates, and their families are a PAIN. I heard that U of M’s new Mott Childrens Hospital has ALL private rooms. Of course they do, our youngest is now 17 and we have no need of Motts!

    Hope she is feeling better soon!

  5. Oh NO! Poor Abigail! Good thing those ‘doctors aren’t gods and I know her best’ parenting skills kicked in! Glad she’s on the mend, and even more glad y’all are out of the hospital. Sounds like a nightmare!

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