WV to PA to WV

Abigail and I went to my parents’ house in Tionesta, PA last weekend so Abigail could stay several days before school started.  Isaac made the middle school soccer team so he has practice 6 days a week.  Anyhow, I took pics along the way and thought the mess of them was pretty interesting…




A landmark a few towns from home

It’s so pretty driving there

What a salad I had!


It isn’t any good without a campfire!

Marshmallows were bigger up there!

Too big for the graham crackers!

It was sort of funny…

Oh yes, there were clouds…not sure why I got so many pics of clouds!   

Well, I made it back Sunday and my Mom and Abigail made it back on Wednesday.  More of a ricochet than a trip but still a pretty good time!

5 thoughts on “WV to PA to WV

  1. I always wondered how those giant marshmallows ended up working—now I know!
    Kind of nice that Abigail was able to go by herself. You get extra spoiled when you’re the only grandchild around.

  2. I saw what was someone’s brilliant idea while at the grocery store last week… square but flatter marshmallows, made just the perfect size for s’mores. Wish I’d have thought of that!
    That’s some purty country!

  3. We had a wonderful visit. Abigail is an awesome girl. She learned to snorkel and do the Austrailian Crawl and Elementary Back Stroke. Way to go Abigail. Love ya.

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