The only reason I go there

There are many places I go to that really only have one draw.  If not for one or two things, I would never go there.  I am sure we all have those sorts of places.  In recent experience, two places in particular come to mind.

Walmart used to be a fun place to go and look at the latest and greatest stuff I would break and throw out in the next  few months.  I enjoyed looking at people and buying donuts or a bargain movie.  Lately when I go, however, I feel like I am in a Mad Max movie, only with long lines and even worse personal hygiene.  Walking through the parking lot really is dangerous now too.  In frustration, I guess, folks whip around illegally parked cars and older folks in electric scooters and put everyone at risk.  Cutting across lanes and general craziness make me hesitant to get near the place.

Sometimes, though, I have to go to Walmart.  We need this or that and the only place that has it is Walmart.  I have found a new stress-less way to get through.  I stroll past the lines that stretch for miles, find my item and then head for the ammo counter.  I own guns and like to shoot so buying ammo to plink at targets is fun anyhow.  I don’t like when folks check out at specialty counters if they are not buying items from that area so I always feel obligated.  Doggone it, I hate to buy ammo for my plinking habit, but in the interest of preserving check-out etiquette, I always buy a box of some ammo.

Emily needed a Valentine’s day gift last year, she got a frying pan and a box of ammo.  Kids need notebook paper, they get a bonus box of ammo.  I need a box of ammo, I get a bonus one to go with it!  See, it’s perfect!

Ok, so the other place like the ammo counter is the ball park.  Ever since my time as a little leaguer, I have hated baseball.  Really, I didn’t hate baseball until the one year when a preacher in town was the coach.  By association, I learned to hate baseball.  So, last night, my company went to the local minor league park and we all watched a baseball game.  The WV Power played some other team.  “We” lost so I don’t’ even care who it was.  Come to think of it, I don’t care even if “we” would have won.  Anyhow, back to the story.  Abigail and I went to the game and we both had the same mindset.  We went to the game for the junk food…nothing else.  She had a hotdog and Dippin’ Dots and I had nachos and vinegar fries…and a half-gallon of Mt Dew.  When the food ran out, our patience did too.  We hung around awhile but 5 innings was all we could take!  The only reason I go to a baseball game is for fries with vinegar or a box of nachos.  If they had an ammo counter there….

I guess everyone has places that the go to that are less than awesome.  I just like to find things to make my time there bearable, if not pleasant. And with ammo or nachos as a reward, I have found much patience…

8 thoughts on “The only reason I go there

  1. Thanks for the tip at WalMart. Wonder if they would take all my groceries, etc. at the car repair section???

  2. They don’t have a way to weigh any produce at the Tire and Lube. So your best bet would be Lawn and Garden, if you can find the cashier who is supposed to be there. Having had the unfortunate experience of working there I know where they hide and what registers can weigh produce.

  3. I just don’t go to Walmart. I have been in a Walmart less than a handful of times in fifteen years. Anything found there can be found on Amazon and they usually have better made brands. The key is to just save up items until you get the free shipping.

  4. I used to always go to Lawn & Garden when I shopped at the one at Southridge. I don’t go to that one anymore since they built a better one at Barboursville and Hurricane. I did make a quick trip in the one at Southridge one day last week. First time I had been in there for a few years. I know what you mean about the crazy drivers and the long lines. I also hate to smell fingernail polish when I’m checking out! Especially when it is mixed with the burnt smell of Subway! That’s gross!

    Here’s a quick tip! Shop at Target if you just need paper! I love Target but my favorite one is at Barboursville. Even though I live closer to Southride! 🙂

  5. You know, you could buy some aspirin or something and check out at the pharmacy counter. 🙂
    I’m with you, I avoid Wally World like the plague.
    Of course, where else can you get ammo and and a frying pan?

    Just fyi, I got a frying pan for Christmas. I asked and I received.

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