I love this picture

Isaac is trying out for middle school soccer and practices have definitely stepped up a notch from the rec leagues in which we have been playing.  The poor boy was exhausted after the first practice.  I picked him up and we talked all the way home.  I pulled into the driveway and we just crashed on the steps.

We didn’t talk about anything in particular, but I so loved sitting there, relaxing and just talking with Isaac.  Middle school is going to be ok…

8 thoughts on “I love this picture

  1. “Middle school is going to be ok…”
    That is a powerful statement, and I hope it proves to be absolutely true. It sounds as though you both are starting off beautifully.

  2. You have a great son and you’re doing a good job. Middle school will be a blast for both of you.

  3. Having been where you are 2 years ago I will say that Middle School has been the best for my daughter! She loves it! I think it helps that they aren’t in the same class with the same teacher all day long. My daughter starts the 8th grade next week. Now next year I’ll be worried about High School! lol

  4. Oh I love the pictures too!! Reminds me of one I’ve seen of Pap and my older brother sitting on the steps. You should frame it!

  5. Middle school will be just fine because he has a man in his life who will sit on the steps with him and just talk. 🙂

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