Yellow one

When I was a kid, we always played “the punch buggy game” wherein you would search for Volkswagen bugs and smack the daylights out of your smaller, helpless brother, just hard enough to torment but not hard enough to leave a bruise so your mom and dad would ever know.  You know?  That game.  It was a bunch of fun but, of course, it became more and more rare to see them as time went on since they stopped production.  We stopped playing at some point.

Of course, VW now has the beetles and the advertising campaign that goes along with them.  Adults saying, “Green one” and slugging a co-worker’s arm.  My kids started playing that (was it a year ago?) and we still have a big competition pretty much every day to see who can rack up the most “hits”.  We do not actually hit each other but rather just collect points.

Some other friends play a game where they get points any time they see a yellow car.  We play that game too.  As we live near a 3 schools (who ever thought it was a good idea to put three large schools near each other?  I mean traffic…hello?!), there are numerous school buses which do indeed count.

Now, the holy grail of this game is the elusive yellow VW.  It’s double points you see.  We always require that someone else sees the car so no one can make up sightings, especially for yellow VWs.  For the kids, that puts them at a disadvantage since they are stuck in class all day or are riding with Emily or me who are always playing the game too.  I take a little extra liberty with the rules too.  All I need is proof of a sighting, so I take pictures of any yellow cars or VW beetles and text/email them to Emily and the kids.

All of these pictures are my trophies.  That’s right, I am on a constant VW safari across the hills and hollers of Charleston, West-by-God-Virginia.  I am on the hunt and I am a mighty hunter!

Does anyone else play these games?  All the time or just on trips?  Can you help fuel our madness?

7 thoughts on “Yellow one

  1. Micah played the yellow car game for months. You have to yell “rubber ducky” when you see one. I can always win if I am driving and playing, but I get distracted.

  2. I think you and your brother did a lot of punching that we didn’t know about. Maybe that’s why your so strange.

  3. We used to kick the poop out of each other as kids. My kids never wanted to play with me because I was still under the impression that you had to hit them in the arm as hard as you could like we did in the 70’s. oh well!

  4. We go for colours rather than models of cars: yellow (5 points) / pale green (10 points) / pink (15 points) / purple (20 points) / multicoloured (25 points). The first person to get to 100 points wins.

    But the best game for a long drive is choosing three things to spot. For example: a man wearing a hat walking a white dog, a horse in a field, a windmill. As one item is found then something else takes its place. The person with the most items at the end of a drive wins.

    The last time we played this game it was Harvest time, so it was who could spot the most combine harvesters.

    I generally lose :'(

  5. Yes! I grew up playing it-and my girls play it now : ) You all need to come here-there are 2 yellow bugs I see almost everyday on my way to work : )

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