Sore legs are nice sometimes

I had an itch.  I simply needed to walk in the woods.  This weekend was all sorts of busy but I was determined to get outside some and enjoy the sun.  Sure enough, the sun was out .  The wind couldn’t miss the fun though.  Honest to goodness, there were times when I thought I was going to blow away.

Anyhow, we wandered around in the hay field on our property for a little bit but the wind made it impossible to stay upright.  My parents tell a tale about taking my brother and me on a walk into the woods.  As the story goes, we started complaining while the house was still in sight.  Of course, as parents some times do, I think they embellished the tale a bit.  Still, we apparently were not good wilderness travelers.  My kids were flat out awesome and never complained once on our hike though.  We walked around for about 2 hours and the kids were awesome to watch.  Isaac plowed through the woods like a bull at first, but that slowed pretty quickly as he got into some serious thorns…Brer Rabbit he ain’t.  After he got some proper respect, it was pure delight to watch them as they wandered around and checked things out.

Isaac discovered the fun of crawling around in the stream that runs through the property.  I have a stream!  And a spring!  Somehow through the magic of the wood sprites, he did not get covered in mud.  Abigail, on the other hand was covered head to toe!  Anyhow, they were like  couple of…well, like a couple of kids in the woods!  Abigail found a bird’s nest that she wanted to put somewhere safe  She found a cool rock on which she could leave it. ( I have a rock!  And a stream!)  As she placed it just perfectly so the wind wouldn’t get ahold of it, she discovered a small snake.  I was sure she would freak but she was really cool and calm about it.  She wanted to touch it so I touched first so she would see that I am super cool and brave.  Both kids ended up touching the little snake and I figure he liked it too.

So, by the end of the day, we were all pretty tired and had sore legs from walking through the woods.  It’s one of those sore feelings though, that’s pretty nice when it comes down to it….plus, I have a stream!

9 thoughts on “Sore legs are nice sometimes

  1. Great pictures Warren! Isn’t it fun to explore your woods like that finding things you didn’t know you had! I can’t believe the snakes are out already! Rats! I hate snakes! That snake looked gray. Do you know what kind it was?

  2. Now let me explain about the walk in the woods we took with you and your brother….you were four years old and your brother was 2. Now you can’t expect children that young to walk very far before their little legs were tired out. And we did exagerate…

  3. Every now and again I drop by and read about your life and I love it (if you lived in the UK and listened to The Archers on BBC Radio 4 you’d know why!). I came across you via your Litte Orange Kitten blog and decided to make your main blog one of the few sites on my bookmark bar along with Google, FB & the BBC.

    Thank you for sharing your life with the world. I catch up with your doings every few weeks or so and it’s so peaceful and relaxing reading about what you and your family are up to.

    Kate xxx

  4. That poor little snake was no doubt cold. I had no idea how to best help him though. I figured I would leave him alone and let nature do what nature does…whatever that may be. I think it was a baby garter snake of some sort…he had round eyes so was safe.

    And Mom, I think you were crazy…taking us on a Sound of Music type hike at that age. They carried Greta across the Alps you know…just sayin’

    Thanks for stopping by Kate! I am glad you put up with my nonsense!

    Capri K – it is indeed awesome to explore…and to be able to pee on any tree I want! That’s the best part!

  5. Your post made me think of a session I attended at last year’s Mother Earth News Conference, called Land Ownership Experience.

    The speaker described a three circle Venn Diagram: investment, conservation, and outdoor lifestyle. He explained how every good land purchase seemed to have these three components. It sounds to me like you’re already really appreciating the outdoor lifestyle part to your property already. Glad your whole family is on board with having fun outdoors.

  6. As I remember I carried your brother and your father carried you most of the way.

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