Holy hail!

It has been pretty nice the last few days, and now, with the weekend approaching, it turns to junk.  Last night, just as I was driving home, it decided to come a gully washer (for you Yankees, that means it rained like crazy).  As I walked to the car, it poured and I got wet clear inside my skin.  About half way home, the rain turned to hail and all hail broke loose.  It quickly turned to hail-so-loud-I-coudn’t-hear-myself-yell-in-the-car hail.  I mean it put down hail and meant it.

A friend suggested the hail had challenged her car to a MMA fight and the winner was not clear.  That pretty well sums it up.  I am sure that if we see the sun again, I will have dents all over my car.  Poor Steve

Of course, hail is really ice and it became abundantly clear that I needed to be careful on the hail.  I slid at one stop sign which was an attention grabber.  Anyhow, I slowed down and got home just in time for it all to stop as fast as it started.

There were tons of blooms out and the bees had been busy on them.  It remains to be seen how the hail might affect the build-up of bees.  This is a critical time for them to be making more bees and collecting pollen and nectar.

I love spring for all of the new life that comes and the rain that sparks the world to green up again.  I might be able to do with out the hail though…just spring please!

7 thoughts on “Holy hail!

  1. That sure was some crazy weather we had yesterday! I think Old Man Winter is fighting with Spring. Old Man Winter decided to throw a few spitballs at Spring yesterday! 🙁 Spring just doesn’t have any weapons to throw back at Old Man Winter. It’s not a fair fight! Maybe you can train your bees to sting him in the eye! 🙂 I hope this crazy weather pattern doesn’t mess with your bees too much.

  2. This Yankee used that terminology so perhaps you need an adjective like northern Yankee.

    We got a small bit of hail of the same storm before it socked you guys, also a few tornadoes which I understand you state saw too. That was a storm the just kept on giving as it crossed the nation.

  3. We lucked out. North of us got 6 to 8 inches of snow with ice on top. South of us got tornadoes and hail. All we got was a little freezing rain. I really could use some Spring. It’s supposed to stay in the 30’s for the next 7 days. Oh, where are you Spring?

  4. So, how did all the blossoms fair in the hail? I hope not too badly—bees need to eat!
    Spring weather always makes me a little nervous.

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