The call came at 5:15

That’s 5:15 in the morning.  Or maybe it was even a tad bit earlier.  I am not sure.  You see, I was ASLEEP!  Oh, I complain and all but I am thankful that the school system uses an automated system to call everyone when school is cancelled.  We live in the armpit where WV, KY and OH all join so if we had to watch the scrolling thing on tv, we end up waiting a long time for them to roll back around to WV schools.  Did you like how I used armpit there?  I am not sure how else to describe it.  Let’s just say that border area is a really nice smelling, freshly cleaned (and maybe even shaved) armpit.  Maybe like Sandra Bullock’s armpit or something.  Anyhow, it’s a weird boundary so everyone in all three states watches the same tv stations waiting to see if their school is cancelled.

Ok, back to the call…the call came in at 5:15ish.  Emily normally gets up at 5:30 so she wasn’t too messed up by the call.   I tend to get up an hour later.  It works well for us.  Today, however, when she has the chance to go back to bed, she kept bugging me to haul my butt out of bed early and get out the door so she could go back to sleep.  Snow days for me mean that I get up earlier than normal.

Of course, Abigail was up (because the child never sleeps in) so it was sweet when I was getting ready to walk out the door.  She grabbed onto me and said, “do you have to go to work?  Don’t you get a snow day?”  She really didn’t want to let me go.  That’s pretty sweet and almost worth the pain of being run out of the house early by my wife.

We’re having a pretty good snow right now but I suspect we are nothing compared to NYC and Boston.  Once again, I am glad I live in West-by-God-Virginia!

10 thoughts on “The call came at 5:15

  1. Fun drive in this morning for me too. They don’t close the library when schools close, unfortunately, so here I am. I’m lucky though–Larry gets up and gets me off, cleans off the car, warms it up…can’t beat it. I just wish I didn’t have to leave in the first place.

  2. Oh how I loved snow days as a girl! I’m sorry you couldn’t stay home with Abigail to enjoy a little sledding and hot chocolate.

    “Once again, I am glad I live in West-by-God-Virginia!” There’s no lying on blogs! Okay, okay, you’re glad you live in WV compared to NYC, but I know you’d like to live where there is no snow at all.

  3. Hey Warren!

    I got the call at exactly 5:34 am. I think that is pretty late to wait to give us a call to let us know! ~I’m glad that they do call now and we don’t have to sit there watching the tv to see if they are closed~ We get the kids up at 6 normally and they catch the bus around 6:45. I am glad that they closed though. I too have one kid that is a morning person. My son got up and went straight to playing. Thank God I’ve trained him to take care of himself as I’m not a morning person! lol He is 6 by the way! lol My kids always want their Daddy to stay home too!

    Be careful driving in all of that white stuff!

  4. What are you doing driving and taking pictures?

    One of many problems with working from the house, even, as happened last year, when the roads are closed I have to work. I did get up early this morning and plowed out the neighborhood though. That is still a lot of fun. You should come do donuts in the yard when the plow is on, makes for a completely different experience…

  5. Glad for the kids that they got a day off.

    We did too. When we went to bed, we knew there would be at least a 2-hour delay for school, so we all slept in until about 7:00, which was heaven.

    Abigail doesn’t sleep in? My Micah doesn’t either. My rule is that he has to stay in his bed until 7:00, or he’d be up around 6:30ish.

    Love the header photo of the license plate!

  6. Well, we got snow but not much. Didn’t have to plow or anything. Still had to get up and go to work though. It sure was cold too.

  7. By the way you all need to move to Western PA. We don’t get near as much snow as you guys get.

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