Thank you Mr Williams

I may be the only person, but do any of you dear readers remember your Dad or Grandpa with a cup and a brush on the bathroom sink that they used for shaving?  My Dad had one that he used to shave but it always seemed so old-timey.  I started shaving when I was 13 (I think) and there was no way I was going to use that old fashioned mess.  Oh no, I was all about the sleek gel in the glamorous (?) spray container.  It was cool when Mom and Dad were paying for it.  As soon as I got out of college, Emily and I were married and we lived on next to nothing.  I still wonder how we didn’t starve but I felt as rich then as I ever have.

Following my shaving mug

Anyhow, we had no money so we bought the cheapest spray foam shaving cream and liked it (uh…we “liked” lots of stuff when there was no choice).  Actually, it wasn’t bad at all.  The gel made me smell like a girl anyhow so I didn’t mind the cheaper foamy stuff.  Yes indeed, very manly…very manly.

About a year ago, I read an article suggesting that modern guys and their significant others are missing out on something special.  The secret of a really great shave was lost on most people and daggone it, I wanted to recall the olden days when men wore hats and had a proper shave.  Well, sort of.  I don’t wear hats but I was up for getting a better shave.

Mr Williams makes my favorite variety

I searched for a proper coffee mug in our cabinets and bought a shaving brush and some of Mr Williams’ shaving soap and gave it a try.  Friends, I am here to report that the shaving experience with shaving soap is a different experience than using the girly gel or the cheap foam.  I haven’t yet moved to using an old fashioned safety razor, but changing to soap alone makes me hop up in the mornings looking forward to shaving.  Well, I may exaggerate some but I definitely prefer using it to cans of cream.  Call me a convert – a convert who is now a step closer to supreme manliness!

7 thoughts on “Thank you Mr Williams

  1. Well Mr. Man!!!
    Yes I do remember, One of my first experiences in shaving was with my grandfather’s mug and brush with a straight razor! (which my dad inherited from his dad)
    I still have the scar to prove it. However I believe the soap I used was Ivory and after my first attempt I was none too keen to repeat the performance. However I did eventually manage to master the event (with some help from my dad) and gave up the novelty after a few close shaves. Just learning how to sharpen the old strait razors was an event in itself and he had a fine collection. Sadly I have no idea what happened to Gramps old shaving kit and razor strop. It would have made a great keepsake to pass down from father to son. I believe every MAN should try it at least once.
    I do have a few of the old safety razors and I could send you one.
    However in my opinion using the straight razor was safer. If you do try one of the safety razors make sure you get a good supply of Styptic Pencils to manage the blood flow.

  2. I have a present for you….you’re great grandfather’s shaving mug! It’s yours next time you come to visit. It has his initials on it and all.

  3. Oh! How sweet your Grandma’s gift. Very nice.
    This is so timely. Son #2 is ready for a shave, and since he likes all things * ol’ timey* I went looking for brushes and soap for shaving, and I have found zip! True, I have not used an online search. I was hoping to visit a quaint, local shop, and hand my monies over to a mom or pop, but no one around here is carrying these supplies.
    Well, I am going to try my search again, encouraged by your enthusiasm.

  4. What a sweet thoughtful gift from your Grandma, or your Mom. I always thought PA Grandma was your Mom.

    My Dad used to have one for years and years. I’ll have to ask if he still does.

  5. I can remember the smell of my dad’s shaving soap, I also remember wondering why he never cleaned out his shaving mug every day. (Obviously, I didn’t quite get it.)

  6. Your great-grandfather’s shaving mug! Wow, that’s a wonderful gift.

    Larry uses a brush and soap too, Warren, at least most of the time. He prefers it and I just like the look of the mug and its brush, a reminder of childhood and my father shaving, I think. We were always fascinated by the process, and a little jealous. Girls don’t get to do that, I’d pout, and he’d laugh at me. When I was a teen I was ever-so-thankful that indeed I did not have to do that!

  7. Capri K…you’re right I am Warren’s mother. I don’t know why I called myself Grandma other than I’m so proud of those two grandchildren I have.

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