Redneck Games

Christmas has been a 2+ week thing for us this year.  Last weekend, we hung out with my family at my brother’s place.  This weekend, we stayed at home and did Christmas around our area with Emily’s family.  It was a great Christmas for us and the kids.  It was quiet yesterday and we just sort of took it easy…to recover.

You see, in the weeks prior, we (meaning me mainly) have been participating in the redneck games (as my brother-in-law termed it).  The first good snow a couple of weeks ago found us sled riding at my BIL’s house where there is a most excellent hill.  It’s hard enough to walk on in good weather which makes it dang near impossible in snow…which makes it the perfect sled-riding hill!  We went up and down a number of times in the usual way.  We went feet first and head first.  We tried sitting and laying.  Being one who folks can count on to act a fool, it occurred to me that we hadn’t tried standing up.

Yeah, it didn’t last long.  I rode a few short rides until my bones suggested that I had better knock it off.  I guess it looked pretty white-trash for me (still in full beard) to jump on a big plastic sled clearly not rated for stand-up usage.  I guess it could have only been better if I had a car hood to ride.  It was one of those, “hold on to my beer and watch this” sort of things (yes the hill is that steep) .

No bones were broken during that episode of redneck games so I tried again at my brother’s place.  He has a new 4-wheeler that seemed like it needed to be tested.  There was a little bit of snow on the ground…maybe 2-3 inches when we arrived at his place on Friday night.  We exchanged pleasantries and then got right to the destruction of his yard.  You see, we are both somewhat city-dwellers nowadays but we come from solid redneck roots and a 4 wheeler seriously magnifies that tendency.  We spun his machine around and drove all sorts of stupid (don’t tell my mom or kids or wife though).  Neighbors drove by and cheered us on (I figure they could see lights slinging around…plus it was 11pm when we stopped) which was all the encouragement I needed.  We only have pictures of the daytime riding when the kids were around…probably a good thing.

Ahhhh…the holidays are so nice!

4 thoughts on “Redneck Games

  1. But how can you call them redneck games without any teeth knocked out or bones broken, and there weren’t any guns, beer or police involved. Sounds to me like you weren’t having as much fun as you say or you just were’nt trying hard enough. LOL.
    Glad you had such a great time.
    P.S. Did you lick anything?

  2. Grey Wolf – some of those things you said weren’t involved were in fact involved…just figured I had better not mention that stuff on here…and in particular, we made a really really good run on broken bones. In fact, I am pretty sure I am sporting on right now…

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