I am a veggie-saurus

I haven’t said much about it but I decided to become a vegetarian as of June 1. I am not really interested in crusading for any causes, but I decided to become a vegetarian for a few reasons. Mainly I want to get my cholesterol under control. I am following a regimen of eating a low fat/low cholesterol vegetarian diet that has worked for some folks to control or regulate their health. I have no idea yet whether or not it will work for me. Still I expect to remain a vegetarian regardless. Again, I have no intent to crusade about this and the rest of my family still eats meat. For me though, I like the lower environmental impact that eating vegetarian requires. I have seen commentaries and debates one way and the other about the topic. I have no interest in debating the topic but this just works for me and I am all about “live and let live”.

I am not sure why I feel compelled to even talk about this subject with so many qualifiers but I suppose it’s because I am fully aware that food and environment and green topics often result in “religious” debates on the topics (that is, people hold their opinions on these topics somewhere very close to their hearts).

Anyhow, I was pretty worried at first. I like fruits and veggies and beans and grains and all, but could I live on those things? Would I lose a lot of weight? Would I lose all my strength? Would I be more gassy than the local Exxon? Yeah, just shooting straight here. Anyhow, I discovered that with some work, it’s not too difficult to eat a healthy, not overly processed, tasty vegetarian diet. I also get more protein now than I ever did when I ate meat. The stuff I eat often takes care of that very well. And that list I gave above…well, it’s a mixed bag, but I gotta tell you, it’s been well worth it. I never feel bloated or crampy or sick after I eat now. I have plenty of energy and I just plain feel better. Aside from the potential health and environmental impacts, I will remain a vegetarian because I flat out feel 10x better than I ever did when I ate meat!

So, just like the humble brontosaurus, I am now a veggie-saurus! I surely hope I fare better than my reptilian cousin!

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  1. Cool! I won’t debate you. My daughter, at age 9, wanted to become a vegetarian for ethical reasons, but wondered if she could still eat steak. Ribeyes called to her.

    Since you brought it up and not me: Gas. How have you conquered it? Increased consumption of fiber laden things causes it. Embarrassingly so. I’m not being silly. I want to know.

    Glass raised to your good health!

  2. I had a 3 year stint as a vegan. I learned to appreciate many meat substitutions then, and still adore tofu. While I do it meat now, it’s pretty rare that I would eat red meat. Mostly eggs, fish, and chicken

  3. Ceecee – Conquered it? Oh no, I embrace it! Well, honestly, it’s not been too bad, though Emily may debate that. Yeah, I have no answers…

  4. varunner7 – I am probably headed towards veganism but I can’t quite make it. We’ll see. I really have enjoyed learning to eat all sorts of different stuff…plus I get to complain a lot to my wife too…

  5. Hey, Warren, congratulations in taking your health into your own hands and being proactive in doing whatever it takes to live your best life…that’s what our eating is supposed to do, right? We’re eating a lot less meat these days ourselves and my husband the non-greens-eater is actually eating a bowl of moringa/mixed greens alongside a helping of black beans/red Mexican beans nearly every day, and we have our green-and-berry smoothies nearly every day, too. Our health benefits are unmistakeable. He, too, is trying to get his cholesterol down and the fiber in the veg and beans alone is seeming to help. Here’s to your health, whether it ever includes meats or not…cheers!!

  6. So, do you have to do “complete” proteins? I remember hearing about that in health class (of course, that was high school SEVERAL years ago!), and that vegetarians had to be careful of that. I’ve heard differently since and was just wondering?

  7. Robbyn – I am hoping to see cholesterol and blood pressure results…we’ll see. Honest to goodness though, even if I don’t, I do feel better eating differently. I guess that the bottom line is about health indeed…even if my official numbers don’t change (but I think they will), I still feel better!

    Erin – I have read some back and forth on this subject and I guess two things strike me…I think if one eats a varied vegetarian diet, it seems that the body gets what it needs and sets aside/processes/uses protein just like if one eats meat. The key must be in not eating the exact same thing day in and day out but then that applies to meat-eaters too. The other thing that occurs to me is that before this dietary change, I ate crap which was not providing what I needed either…so at the very least, I have exchanged crap for healthier.

    You folks eat well, what are your thoughts?

  8. Nice, and congrats. Not sure I could do as well, I so enjoy meat proteins. But I’m getting there in terms of leaving the processed foods behind. The energy aspect is a tremendous plus… Best wishes going forward!

  9. Lol…its more fun being a veggie-saurus. No running around trying to capture one’s food. Just lean over and take a bite of grass!

    OK, seriously…good for you. I’m glad the new lifestyle is agreeing with you so well. I’ve been vegan almost a year now and the craving for cheese is yet to subside!

    Good luck with the veggie thing…you will be healthy for it! Kim

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