I got me a nephew!

I have been busy the last few weeks and have been pretty lame as far as posting stuff on here but I have an excuse…at least for yesterday.  Apart from that…just lame.  Anyhow, I am no longer a virgin uncle!  My nephew L was born yesterday (his date of birth is 8/9/10…how cool is that?!).  Until now, my kids have been the only grandkids on either side of the family.  They loved that for sure, but Abigail was SOOOOO excited to relinquish her title as the youngest kid in the family.

I have no idea what my role will be in this kid’s life, but I am super excited to do everything I can to keep his parents busy.  I am so excited to walk into their house and find it a disaster zone like ours always is.  I hope to teach him how to slide a frog into his mom and grandmothers’ pockets.  He’ll need to learn the proper way to shoot a spit ball and how to pick the gravel out of his elbows.  I also want him to have Isaac and me as allies apart from his parents.

Kids are truly a lot of fun.  Mine are great and I am so excited to see L grow up around my kids and for them to be pals.  I am excited to have someone I can help spoil (though I think he won’t need to much help from me!)  A growing family is always a great thing!

7 thoughts on “I got me a nephew!

  1. Awe. You can give him an extremely loud fire engine truck for Christmas that his parents will love.

  2. Congratulations! I hope you get to teach him all of those things that a boy needs to know! I’m due another nephew next month.

  3. Congratulations, Uncle Warren!!!!

    Abigail is going to LOVE this!!

    Christmas ideas: Play doh, glitter, painting supplies, kazoo, LOUD anything, and anything with a million parts.

  4. Congratulations!!
    You have the perfect plan as the uncle—teach him all the ways to make body noises with his armpits and hands. Also, buy him one of those tiny pianos for his second birthday. His parents will LOVE you for it. 🙂

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