Ready by Halloween?

Look! A baby green bean!

We were a little late getting the garden in place and it seems to be reminding us of that lately.  All sorts of stuff came up and it all looks nice…we have beans and squash, and tomatoes.  There are all sorts of peppers and corn coming along.  We haven’t really eaten anything from the garden yet.  Lots of people are eating from the garden and I am jealous!  I just hope we’re ready by Halloween!

I have been running around doing all sorts of stuff (sounds like a good excuse, right?) so Emily and her grandfather have done the bulk of the weeding this year.  The garden looks beautiful and the end of this month is going to be insane!  Like most garden people, it’s a ton of fun at first and by the end, you are ready for a plague of some swarming creature to finish you/the garden off.  For me now, though, I am ready to pick and can stuff and eat!

We were in such a hurry to plant earlier this spring, that we accidentally planted corn and beans over top of one another.  Of course, that’s a perfectly acceptable way of planting and it is doing well so far…it was just not planned.  Seeing things grow in spite of us might be one of the best parts of messing with a garden…well, besides walking barefoot in dirt and seeing all sort of new bugs I can put on Emily’s arm to see her reaction.  Yes, other than those things, seeing stuff grow is my favorite part!

10 thoughts on “Ready by Halloween?

  1. We got one of our gardens out late too. Didn’t even get the other one done at all. There was too much rain at that time. We have gotten a handful of tomatoes out of ours so far and 1 zucchini. The deer ate the tops off of the peppers and ate the beans. It is hard to be a farmer!

  2. Wow, your garden looks so great!

    Hey, do you all do the WV State Fair? Since our local fair was a copout (no livestock) we were thinking about going.

  3. “it’s a ton of fun at first and by the end, you are ready for a plague of some swarming creature to finish you/the garden off”

    Great description, and oh, so true!!! You gave me my first real laugh of the day, and it’s very appreciated. 🙂

  4. It’s been so wet here that the weeds have taken over. I don’t know if we’ll get much of anything out of our garden this year. I’m really hoping for some tomatoes, as I am almost out of the ones I canned last year!

  5. Your garden looks great! I know how you feel about others already eating and picking from their garden and you are not yet. At least you are further south than me. I have possible frost in Sept to worry about.

  6. Your beans are farther along than mine! I was weeding yesterday and finally saw some blooms at least, but still no baby beans.

  7. Your garden looks wonderful… I’m beginning to think about planting beans all over again. Ours have practically stalled and are getting eaten alive! But lots of other fun stuff… don’t you love this time of year?! 🙂

  8. I am pretty pleased with the garden this year as long as it gets going!

    Lisa – we never have done the state fair. I have heard some say it is too commercialized but I can’t speak from experience…I am happy to spread rumors though! Anyhow, I know it is a big event and I suspect it is a lot of fun!

  9. We’ve only eaten greens and peas…our beans are only about 2″ tall. All of our rain has made summer very late this year. We only started having sunny weather the day after the 4th of July (yes it rained on the 4th!)

    So you and I can both celebrate Halloween with our first tomatoes! Kim

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