It’s purple…and huge!

So…ahem…the blackberries are in full glory right now and we found a newish place to pick and this year’s berries are as big as I have ever seen (including those pretend ones you can get at the grocery store).  We have picked several “messes” of berries and I have enjoyed 2 blackberry pies that my delightful wife has prepared.  She made some good ones 2 years ago, but this year, the berries are purple and huge and AWESOME!

Of course, we live in West-by-God-Virginia where mountain goat commandos go to train.  Our new location is significantly more hilly than previous years so picking in our new secret spot has been interesting and a little prickly.  I have to wear soccer cleats so I don’t slide down the hill through the briers.  I really wish I was more successful at that.  Anyhow, because of the danger (yes, the hills are steep enough that it is dangerous), the kids are not picking this year.  They mostly run around and look for new spots for me to scale.  I think they have grown up a good bunch though.  They still fight like mountain goat commandos and mountain lions, but not while we are working on berries…and that’s worth a big hee-haw from me!

so much for focus...

Aside from the hills being interesting, our new spot is farther into the woods and we have been assaulted by a few ticks this year.  Ticks suck.  I think I hate ticks and roaches more than about anything…not sure why because bugs in general don’t offend me, but I am personally offended when I see either of my nemeses.  Alas, I shall push on in pursuit of the berry.  The blackberry pie calls to me…I must heed its call!

Time to go picking...

10 thoughts on “It’s purple…and huge!

  1. I was just going to post my pie pictures today! Maybe I still will 🙂 We picked some huge blackberries too… but went to a local farm to get the really big ones. I just love ’em.

  2. “Those pretend ones you can get at the grocery store!” HAR!

    Growing up, we had a GIANT blackberry thicket near a pond on our land and we would pick buckets and buckets. That is one of the things I miss about the south the most, I think (they do grow here, but not in abundance, size, or sweetness like the south). But in Massachusetts we have wild blueberries and concord grapes, so I suppose it is a fair trade. I’m just glad we have things that are wild and delicious!

  3. Pretend ones at the grocery store is right. They are huge and perfect and tasteless.

    I’m guessing you have found a wild patch. Long sleeves and long pants are in order as well as soccer cleats?
    Beautiful pie, Emily. –well, before it was baked anyway.

  4. We go picking every few days…somehow they have stood up through our lack of rain and excessive heat…we’ll see. Dang th epie is good though!

  5. Oh, how I miss picking blackberries by the creeks and rivers of my youth! Those berries were the “bestest”. Glad you found a terrific spot. Enjoy, enjoy!

  6. We are going out of town this weekend so we will miss a round of picking…but I am all out of pie and starting to get desperate!

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