Dye job

Today is wild hair day at the summer camp the kids attend.  They have all sorts of fun activities for the kids but wild hair day has been the most anticipated in our house.  Abigail was going for the tie dyed look.  Emily braided her hair last night and let it dry in braids.  This morning they sprayed the braids then undid her hair.  The color didn’t take the way we expected but the dried-in braids were awesome!

Isaac’s hair is so short that it didn’t have much chance to stand up but the color was awesome!  He’s got a cool iceman look and it works for him!  When I dropped them off this morning, they definitely had the coolest looks of the kids who were there!

As usual, I am having a bad hair day.  I am ok though…don’t worry

5 thoughts on “Dye job

  1. Did y’all use the spray in kind, or go for the Kool-Aid dye?
    Very cool kids!! How long are mom and dad gonna let you keep the dye in?

  2. That’s so cool! Their hair looks great! I really like the way your daughter’s tie dye look came out and how your sons hair looks too! Camps sounds like it is a lot of fun for the kids!

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