(tap, tap, tap)…is this thing on?

Gee whiz, here it is 2010 already!  I haven’t been too faithful about writing since last year!  We’ve had snows and melts and we are back to snow again.  The temperature is only like 12 or something so it’s too cold to even go outside and complain about how cold it is.  The good news is that I have decided not to complain any in 2010.

Now if only all the dang annoying people would just leave me alone, I’d be set!

Anyhow, in typical style, we welcomed in 2010!  Don’t tell anyone but I think Emily secretly slipped into the broom closet during the festivities to down a few martinis.  I have evidence too:

Don’t her eyes look a little odd to you?  Of course, there are these too:

So, now on to today…we got the early morning wake-up call telling us that school was cancelled today.  So, here I am sitting here in the cold, writing this before I go in to work.  Everyone else is sound asleep in the jammies dreaming of sugar-plums and Dinah Shore and grizzly bears on roller skates.  The snow is once again stacking up and the wind and cold don’t help…but remember, I am not going to complain in 2010!  Instead, I think I will try to catch a quick nap and see what dreams turn up on my drive in to work!

8 thoughts on “(tap, tap, tap)…is this thing on?

  1. It has gotten cold here too! They are calling for snow thursday but only a couple of inches. I don’t like the cold either but there are usually good shows on TV, you can play video games, and play board games. The sun is shinning even if it is cold. Just have to find other fun things to do.

  2. It sounds like Ya’ll are having more winter than us up yonder!
    I’m going to call you Warren Ingalls Wilder and The Long Winter!

  3. So you may have blogged about this before (I’ve been a little MIA on following your blog lately due to a little event known as having twins) but I’m curious. When it gets that cold, do you have to do anything for the bees? Or are they all snug as is?

  4. Hey Lisa,
    Bees are pretty amazing critters…I prepare them for the winter by making sure they have enough honey stored up (40-100 lbs depending on who you talk to) to eat. If they are a little low on food, I feed them either sugar water I mix up or honey I have left over. Some folks feed them corn syrup but I don’t like it too much. Anyhow, other than that, if the bees are healthy (which I monitor all spring, summer and fall, they take care of themselves. The mass together in a cluster and “vibrate”. The friction generates heat. As outer bees get cold, they cycle into the deeper parts of the cluster and so on. Apparently, in the middle of the cluster, the temp is around the middle 90-degree area regardless of the outside temp.

    If they are not healthy, their number typically dwindle and they won’t have enough bees to make heat as I described. They are cold blooded so they can’t independently generate heat….so they would die. Also, if they run out of food, they starve of course. Sometimes bees starve even with food in the hive. If it is super cold out, it is hard for the cluster to move so they may be inches from food but unable to move (w/o breaking cluster and freezing). I have had that case happen a few times. It is terribly frustrating. Anyhow, in general, they do their own thing very well!

  5. We have had a great holiday season and are even somewhat enjoying the snow. The kids haven’t really gotten out of vacation mode with all the time off of school they’ve had…of course, I am still working…ugh

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