And…we’re back!

So, we’re back and up to date (mostly anyhow).  My Dell server (the last Dell product I will own) that I got 14 months ago died sometime over the weekend.  I had the techs at my company take a look and they just shook their heads and handed me the box of tissues.  RIP Dell piece-of-crap!

Incidentally, I also discovered a great stress reduction technique and took a picture of the “process”.

I feel very tranquil now…

6 thoughts on “And…we’re back!

  1. I had a similar technic, though mine involves launching a Compaq tower from the stoop into the side yard. It bounced three times before toppling to a halt. Oh the satisfaction!
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..Some class =-.

  2. Like a wuss like you could actually smash through the thick glass of a CRT Monitor with a plastic keyboard! LMAO Try a hjammer now that is phone or throwing one onto the parking lot! Or tossing as hard as possible into the dumpster.

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