Hair? On Warren?

I haven’t needed a haircut since 1996. I hadn’t paid for one for several years prior to that but, in 1996, I shaved my head and started to build the empire that is “Warren” today.  Hair and the idea of hair have both always sort of eluded me and been a bit of a question in my atrophied brain…what is the point of hair anyhow? I get by without it quite nicely. In fact, I am more aerodynamic that most hair-endowed folks (I like to call that a hair disability). Hair is just such a nuisance…you have to style it and dry it and cut it and if you wear a crash helmet, you have to worry about helmet head. I just don’t get hair.

December 20, 2009
December 6, 2009
November 30, 2009

Although I don’t get hair, I do get people – and that, friends, is why I program computers. Anyhow, my dear brother, who always had a full mop of hair, has a tradition where he doesn’t shave between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, he shaves his face-mane in parts, each day leaving an interesting facial-hair style (see some of the possibilities).  Since I get people, I know that he must feel conspicuous being the only one in our family to participate.  This year, being the kind and gentle brother that I am, I have decided to take part in the tradition as well.  I stopped shaving on Thanksgiving and have been growing this luxurious  set of whiskers since.  You can see the reverse progression up through yesterday.  The white stuff you see on my chin is not gray hair…no, no, friends, that is snow that got stuck in my beard while I was sled riding with the kids.  I am nowhere near old enough to have gray hair…losing my hair is one thing, but gray hair?  I think not!

So, what about it folks?  Do you have funny traditions?  Do you grow a beard?

11 thoughts on “Hair? On Warren?

  1. I must agree that the facial hair does look good on you.
    I think you should keep it instead of shaving it, for at least 1 year. just to see how long it grows. and talk your brother into it too. Then next year the two of you could pose as ZZ Top look alikes.

    I grew up in the HAIR generation and have had at least full long sideburns and a mustach since they grew in (except for a couple of very brief occaisions). (shudder). Beards have come and gone many times. Maybe I will have to dig through some old photos and post a blog someday.
    .-= Gary Dillon´s last blog ..Firewood =-.

  2. Mr Chiots is growing a beard as well, although he’s trimming his and will most likely keep it through spring. I like the idea of shaving different parts off though for fun. What a great tradition!

  3. Warren is just so proud that he can grow hair somewhere on his body, how could I ask him to shave it off?

  4. Don’t tell Emily but I think I am growing attached to this thing. My cat is showing me a little extra unwelcome attention, but I think I can cure him of that. Anyhow, the extra time from skipping the morning shave has been nice to converse with you, my friends!

  5. I stopped shaving my legs since October!

    Come on now. You should have more than that. I am glad you explained this hairy outburst. I saw some guys picture on fb and I wasn’t sure who it was. I still think Dodson could probably grown a fuller beard than anyone I know.

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