Well, it is after 4:00

We took a trip to PA this weekend to visit with family and help with some home winterizing projects.  I used to dread the trip from WV to PA (and even worse when we lived in TN) but as the kids have aged, we have found that a few movies, books and video games save lives.  The kids travel very well and it’s become a non-issue for them to pack up and go.  Emily and I count on a bunch of caffeine though as we always drive at night after we get out of work.  It’s a 6.5 hour drive so that usually puts us in pretty late (especially when you consider that it follows a long work-day).

caffeine moleculeequalsIt's good!

Anyhow, we count on caffeine and the groovy tunes to keep us going and it usually works very well.  We headed up I-79 and drove until we got hungry.  Subway usually agrees with our tummies so we pulled into one and ordered the usual.  Emily ordered an un-sweet tea (she isn’t truly a Southern girl apparently).  The feller at the counter said, “We don’t serve sweet tea after 4:00.”  Emily said, “that’s nice, but I want UN-sweet tea.”  They went back and forth several times saying the exact same thing.  We were still in WV so one would think that we spoke the same language, but it was pretty clear that communication failed early on.  Finally, the guy told her that they don’t serve ANY tea after 4pm.

(We got this one stuck in our heads!)

A lot of places in WV and elsewhere still have blue laws.  I am familiar with them and couldn’t really care less as they don’t affect me.  My wife without caffeine on a trip, however, does endanger my life.  Green (tea) laws in WV must be overturned!  We were in prime dinner time hours so I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t have sold their tea.  And heck, they waste tons of food at Subway (as in all restaurants) so I can’t imagine that throwing out a bit of tea at the end of the day would have caused them much distress.  No, no, I think there must be some moral reason why tea is banned after 4pm!  If anyone can enlighten me on the issue, please feel free.  My life may depend on it!

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  1. Aaaaahhh, I can’t imagine a trip to Subway w/o tea BECAUSE all they have in their fountain is Pepsi products and they just won’t do!

    I went to a Subway between Austin and San Antonio recently and asked for pepper jack cheese on my sandwich. “We don’t have that here. It must be regional or something?”
    Hello!!! Spicy cheese, San Antonio, how much more regional can a person get?

    Warren, maybe it’s not a WV thing, maybe it’s a Subway thing?
    .-= Ceecee´s last blog ..The Dating Game =-.

  2. I’ve never heard of such a thing, perhaps they’re concerned about their customers sleep schedules. Or perhaps they got sued for serving tea after 4 and a customer couldn’t sleep so they sued Subway for “emotionaly distress”?

    Mr Chiots and I always pack our own caffeine for our trips. We’re partial to espresso and that’s tough to come by (at least good espresso) on trips.
    .-= Chiot’s Run´s last blog ..Joe Pye Weed =-.

  3. The no tea after 4 thing suprises me. I have heard that ‘up north’ they do not serve tea at all during the winter months – isn’t that most of the year? =P

    I’ll have to ask the Subway across the street if they serve tea after 4:00 pm.
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..Tired =-.

  4. That’s a new one for me. Maybe they don’t sell lots of tea after 4 and they don’t want to make a batch that would go to waste?(but really, tea is VERY inexpensive…so the manager would have to be a major cheapskate).
    .-= Evil Twin’s Wife´s last blog ..I Love The Count =-.

  5. I just presumed that the tea down there must be spiked with booze or something to be banned after four…but let me get this straight…they ban tea? You mean the little leaves steeped in hot water kind of tea???

    May I say that this is about the weirdest thing I have ever heard of. May I also say that I now will not complain if I think Washington State is weird, cause next to you guys its not.

    And for what it worth I hate the fact that I have to add “state” at the end of mine or people presume that I live in the capital of all things political and not the home of the giant evergreen and rain forest…and of course the BIG slugs.

    Oh yeah one more thing…I’m in the middle of a cup of tea, at the daring hour of 8:41 pm, yep I’m a rebel!

    Have a wonderful trip, Kim
    .-= the inadvertent farmer´s last blog ..How to kill a camel without the neighbors knowing =-.

  6. Ceecee – you don’t like Pepsi stuff? My beloved Mt Dew is from them…you poor thing…

    Chiot’s Run – we will probably start to carry our own caffeine too…foolish to leave something so important to chance!

    Annette – I know…why do people live up there again?

    Beau – I know what you mean…must have caffeine!

    Kris – Emily won’t drink it sweetened…weird!

    brother – I love the O Brother movie too…great stuff!

    YD – she settled for Pepsi I think

    ETW – I am going with temporary insanity on the part of the employees!

    Razorfamilyfarms – I crack me up too sometimes! Thanks for laughing with me…

    Natalie – there is much here that doesn’t make sense!

    tipper – it’s just supposed to be there…sort of like air and sunshine, etc

    Gary – there wasn’t a manager to be found….but we’ll be wary the next time we stop!

    Kim – thanks! We do travel so well now…and they love the unlimited movies and video games during travel…bribery works!

    Capri Kel – we’re considering writing to the governor!

    Inadvertent farmer – I think it must have been laziness…workers didn’t like lugging the jug of tea around or something. It’s a tragedy though! I know what you mean about “state”. People often ask if we know someone in Roanoke or Richmond. We always say, “no, those are in Virginia…we live in WEST Virginia” Even after that, people still often think we live in western Virginia…argh!

    farm mom – yankee!

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